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8 Noteworthy Facts About Your Teeth

Summit Dentists in Houston, Texas want to educate their community about teeth and how they work!

1. Millions of people can crack a walnut with their teeth.  While many adults apply 20-40 pounds of pressure when their teeth make contact there are millions of people that can exert up to 250 pounds of pressure.
2. Bulimia and Acid Reflux wear away tooth enamel.
3. Swimming in overly chlorinated pools can cause tooth and gum erosion.  Be sure to brush with a fluoride toothpaste before and after taking a dip in the pool to help keep your teeth strong.
4. Soda and Citrus can be abrasive to tooth enamel. Phosphoric acid in soda and citric acid in citrus drinks can cause tooth enamel corrosion and the sugar in the drinks can cause cavities.
5. Most people don’t realize that they have bad breath.  Using dental floss or a tongue scrapper, sniff either the floss or the scrapper. If your mouth is clean there won’t be a bad odar.
6.  Infection and trauma can cause tooth enamel defects.  High fevers, taking antibiotics, nutritional deficiencies and other trauma can cause tooth enamel abnormality.
7. 80% of Americans that are over 35 have gum disease.  It can be anything from gingivitis to something more serious that effects the bone.
8. One in four adults over 60 has lost all of his or her teeth.  Its important to maintain good oral hygiene, brush twice a day and attend your regular dentist appointments.