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How to Know Your Wisdom Teeth Need to be Removed

Summit in Houston, Texas have many years of experience with diagnosing an infected wisdom tooth and feel it is important to be aware of the symptoms leading up to an infection.
Generally, wisdom teeth that are in need of extraction do not have any serious or noticeable symptoms, however in some cases, the teeth show obvious signs that they are not growing in properly. Some of these symptoms include pain or jaw stiffness near the impacted tooth, pain and irritation from a tooth coming in at an awkward angle, an infected swelling of the gum tissue located in the back of the mouth, crowding of other teeth, tooth decay or gum disease near the back of the mouth or a feeling of discomfort as the teeth rub against your cheek or tongue.  General health problems may also occur such as headaches, soar throat, ear aches or inflamed lymph nodes.  Typically these symptoms begin to occur when the patient is 15 to 25 years of age. Rarely do patients over the age of 30 require wisdom teeth extraction.
Its always best to get a professional opinion so if you think you may have a problem with your wisdom teeth make an appointment with your Dentist and its important to make sure to schedule your regular Dentist appointments as well.