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Dental Veneers Could Give You the Smile of Your Dreams – Almost Instantly!

Dental Veneers for Whiter TeethWhenever you see one of those sparkling Hollywood smiles, there’s a good chance you’re actually looking at a set of custom dental veneers.

Veneers have been used for decades to give people a new look in just a few easy steps. They were originally invented as part of detailed costumes for movie actors. Slipping on a veneer or two could give movie stars the stellar gorgeous smile very few people are actually born with.

As time goes on, veneers are becoming more and more popular with folks who don’t have acting careers. Now, they’re available to just about anyone. Perhaps you’re even thinking about how something like a veneer could enhance your smile.

First Things First: What Exactly are Veneers?

A dental veneer is a slim shell made of porcelain or composite resin. It typically covers those upper front teeth that show when you smile. This “false front” leaves your natural tooth intact while making your smile look completely different.

What Veneers Are Typically Used For

Is your smile plagued by any of the following?

  • Chipped teeth
  • Deep staining
  • Rough enamel
  • Unevenly-sized teeth
  • Gaps
  • Old and stained fillings on front teeth

If so, then you’ve probably thought about getting a bit of cosmetic dental treatment on more than one occasion. Fortunately, you have more than one way to enhance your smile.

You could improve your teeth with crowns, braces, bonding, or whitening, just to name a few of your options. But, your teeth might have too much damage for bonding to help or the stain could be too deep for whitening to work. In those and many other situations, veneers are a great option.

Should I Consider Veneers Over Braces or Crowns?

These cosmetic restorations are easy to care for and maintain, making them a great investment. Not to mention, veneer is less intrusive than crowns or braces. While a dental crown covers the entire tooth, a veneer replaces only a slim layer of enamel.

Braces require several months to slowly nudge your teeth into alignment, but veneers can create an even smile line quickly without putting stress on tooth roots.

If the idea of having in-depth treatment doesn’t appeal to you, or if you’re simply too impatient to wait for months to see results, then veneers might be worth looking into.

The Treatment Experience

Before you make the decision to get veneers, it’s important to understand how they work. You can’t just bond a piece of porcelain over the top of your tooth without any preparation. It doesn’t matter how thin the veneer is—unless it is properly applied, it could look bulky.

Classic porcelain veneers require the painless removal of a very minimal layer of enamel. The restoration essentially replaces that outer portion of your tooth. This way, your smile will feel normal and smooth after you get your cosmetic treatment.

To start with, your dentist carefully preps your tooth to accommodate the thickness of veneer material that will be added.

Next, your dentist will take an impression of your prepared teeth to send to the lab. Each veneer is custom-designed to fit precisely over the individual teeth. While you’re waiting for the finished product, you’ll be fitted with temporary veneers to protect your smile from any sensitivity.

After a week or two, you’ll be called back to have your permanent veneers placed. Your temporary ones will be taken off and the permanent version bonded in place. Instantly, your smile will look and feel just like you walked off the red carpet.

You should know that veneer treatments are not reversible. Removing a thin layer of tooth enamel is not a process anyone can undo—once it’s gone, you’ll need to maintain the integrity of your veneer or have it replaced years later if something breaks. Fortunately, well cared for veneers can last for a very long time!

Who is a Candidate for Porcelain Veneers?

Happily, just about anyone who wants a nicer smile qualifies for this cosmetic procedure. There are, however, two major stipulations: teeth should be mature and healthy to predictably support this type of restoration.

Children cannot get veneers on their baby teeth. If your child has discolored teeth, try addressing the potential causes before worrying about whitening them. Even newly sprouted adult teeth might look a little yellow at first. Once your child reaches his or her mid to late teens, you can discuss the possibility of various cosmetic dental treatments.

Why should a tooth be healthy before getting a veneer? Because they don’t restore deep areas of decay. They only cover aesthetic irregularities. With a veneer, you only replace a shallow layer of enamel. If you have a cavity, you need to have it treated properly before opting for cosmetic solutions.

As conservative as these restorations are, veneers still require careful attention to stay healthy and functional. To keep your beautiful new smile bright and strong, you need to be diligent about brushing and flossing.

Why Should You Get a Veneer?

Some careers depend on having a gorgeous set of pearly whites. Models, actors, performers, and people in advertising or reporting often find themselves in the camera’s eye. It’s crucial to have a smile that conveys a message of success and happiness to others. Veneers could be the key to obtaining that attractive smile, not to mention creating a good first impression.

Enhancing your teeth could also impact the way others perceive you as an individual. Just knowing that your smile looks great will help you carry yourself with confidence. Investing in a beautiful smile is an investment in your personal and professional life as well.

Are you curious to see what this cosmetic treatment could do for your smile? Schedule a no-obligation aesthetic consultation in Houston at Summit Dental Center.