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Great Dentists for Kids! I have a 10 year old daughter and wanted to take her somewhere she would be comfortable because like many kids she is terrified of going to the dentist. I found Summit Dental Center online and was happy to learn they accept CHIP. During the examination the dentist was very patient was extra gentle with her, making her cooperative and calm. During the cleaning she had 2 cavities taken care of and was taught how to brush better and the importance of preventative care. I was truly impressed with their child dental care and now recommend them to my friends!

Jackie R.

Affordable Braces At Summit Dental. My daughter has been with Summit Dental Center for a year now and experienced nothing but the best. I was nervous to hear that she needed braces because we don’t have dental insurance and I’ve heard they can be costly. But to my surprise her braces were affordable at Summit, not only is it a relief to know that my daughter’s teeth will be straightened out but it’s a relief on my pocket book. I know I could have probably not been able to afford the dentistry quality and braces anywhere else.

Emma C.

No fuss dental service. I came here for an annual teeth cleaning and am happy to say that I have found my dentist. Right when I walked in, I was greeted and treated with respectfully. the staff is nice and PROFESSIONAL, no office politics or gossip, just people doing their job. The dentist and assistant worked great together at a pleasant speed and no tooth was forgotten. Great cleaning, running my tongue against my teeth – ahhh what a clean and refreshing feeling. No fuss dentist, helpful staff and all at a low price.

Amir M.

Save your teeth and money! I had a nasty fall early Friday morning and chipped my tooth. First thought was, great right before my big Monday meeting but then I told myself not to panic and call Summit Dental Center. I was able to get an appointment the same morning and my front tooth was fixed by Saturday afternoon. They did a great job you could never tell by looking at the result that it even happened, the color even matches the rest of my tooth. Great service, convenient location, skilled staff and best of all great savings.

Daniel N.