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How to Get That Glamorous Movie Star Smile From Home

Everyone wants a full smile of pearly whites and by today’s standards, the whiter the better.  Unfortunately multiple visits to the dentist to get your teeth whitened becomes costly and the stains they remove might come back.  Summit Dentists in Houston believe in practicing home care and remedies, prevention starts with your regular home maintenance routine.
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Food for Healthy Teeth

We all know that there are many foods out there that will negatively effect your teeth but, have you ever wondered which foods will help promote a smile full of healthy pearly whites???
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Why Tap Water Protects your Child’s Teeth

The Pediatric Dentists at Summit understand the importance of fluoride and are trying to educate their community on this matter and where it can be found naturally.  Fluoride is a natural mineral that protects and strengthens the teeth against cavities and decay.  Tooth decay in young children’s teeth is on the rise and one of the reasons for this may be due to the fact that today’s children drink less tap water than previously. More parents are giving their children bottled water and fruit juices and in this way the children are missing out on a source of fluoride in tap water that has traditionally prevented tooth decay at a young age.  Fluoride occurs naturally in water and in many different foods as well as dental products.  Today, water fluoridation is estimated to reduce tooth decay by 20-40% so find out from your Pediatric Dentist if your local water supplies contain optimal levels of fluoride.  You can also purchase bottled water with fluoride in it, just read the labels. [Read more…]

The Best Children’s Toothpastes

Summit in Houston, Texas have been working with many children as they incorporate dental care into their lives and we also understand that it can be challenging for some children.  As a child, brushing my teeth was the last thing I wanted to do… not only did the toothpaste taste bad, but sometimes it hurt too.  Luckily pediatric dentistry has come a long way and we are fortunate to have a huge variety of children’s dental products that make brushing your teeth more appealing to a child.  Its important to remember when choosing a toothpaste for your little one to pick a mild one without harsh abrasives to avoid stripping young tooth enamel.  Also if your child is to young to spit out the toothpaste chose one without fluoride.
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