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Medical News Today – Flouride IN Water healthier for teeth later in life?

Yes…Flouride in water is supposed to make your enamel stronger, your teeth decay at a much slower rate, and thus you see less Dental bills later on in life. But it must be done at birth in the earlier stages as “Your fluoridation exposure at birth is affecting your tooth loss in your 40s and 50s, regardless of what your fluoridation exposure was like when you were 20 and 30 years old.” – According to Matthew Neidell, a Columbia University Professor.
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Payment Plan Options @ Summit Dental Care!

Houston’s Summit Dental recognizes that hard times are here for all and takes great care in offering many different payment options for hard working Houstonian’s. We at Summit Dental offer many options to experience our A to Z Care for the entire family. We take most dental insurances, offer extended Payment Plan Options for clients, Take Government Assistance plans, accept all major credit cards, and welcome cash.
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Prosthetic Dentistry – I can go to Summit For That?

Your kids have been going to Summit since they were teens. They have left the house now, and your teeth just are not what they were in their younger day. Call Summit today. This problem is easily treatable and can keep your teeth and smile in tact during those twilight years. We specialize in Prosthetic Dentistry and have means of restorative dentistry, implants, and can even do full sets of dentures for those whom require that work. You don’t have to grow old gracefully and stop eating that snack food which you love during those Clint Eastwood marathons! Call for an initial consultation; meet with our team who will path out a method that is balanced in both cosmetic and medical doctorate. We also offer various means to financially extend and manage your oral needs to make the late chapters in your lives great ones to.
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