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My Child Needs Braces – What should I do?

Like many Houstonian families out there, you are worried about your children’s teeth and the braces that you know they are going to need. This is absolutely a natural reaction to such a stage in your child’s lives. You need not fear this any longer, because Summit Dental Center is there to guide you and your children through this process. Summit Dental Center has become very well known to Houstonians as the complete care for all their dental needs. With Six new state of the art of locations around Houston, Summit Dental Center’s are not only conveniently located near you, but staffed with the finest and most caring professionals that we could find just for your child’s sake. So don’t stress any longer about how to fix your child’s teeth. Summit Dental Center is here for just this reason. After all, you have much invested in your children’s benefit, so why worry about something that the experts can handle for you. Call today and get your children’s orthodontic appointments squared away. Make your child’s braces one less worry by letting us worry about straightening and perfecting their teeth. After all, it’s what we do! [Read more…]

Flossing Techniques by Summit Dental Center of Houston

One thing Summit Dental Center of Houston wants most people to realize about dental care is the importance of flossing as an effective preventative care method that helps with your teeth, your gums, and your overall oral care. Most people just think that flossing is used to get out those food particles that get in between our teeth. Well, in actuality, it also is a very important part of keeping healthy gums as well. When flossing, which we should do every time after we eat, you should be careful in wedging the floss between your teeth, gently massaging it through the teeth into the gaps. Then once in between the teeth it is crucial to then push up gently on each side of the gums which line the teeth. Now, most people don’t realize this but this kind of careful care in flossing is to strengthen the gums which hold all your teeth in place, as well to get the excess food out of the areas between our teeth. Call us today at Summit Dental Center if you have questions about flossing or your dental care in general. We are here for you Houston. [Read more…]

Your First Impressions are Summit Dental Center’s Priority

There is never a second chance to make a first impression. You only get one shot. And if it isn’t your best, in life, there are no dress rehearsals or chances to go back and do it all over again. This is why we at Summit Dental Center want to make sure that your teeth are the best that they can be. Nothing says more about who you are then your teeth and the smile they give off to others around you. A smile is priceless; it captivates people, drawing them either towards you, or away from you!
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Is the in your Mercury Fillings harmful for your health?

That’s right, I said Mercury, and we all know that Mercury is harmful for your health – But, what you may not know is that Silver dental fillings actually have Mercury in them. Many people for years have been wondering whether or not these Mercury deposits in our mouth can cause irreparable harm to us internally or physically. In fact many have speculated on this, but no proof of this has ever been able to be laid scientifically. This month, the FDA will meet on this subject again and deliberate on whether or not there is merit to the few claims that have now come forward. Call Summit Dental Center of Houston today to find out the latest about whether or not your fillings are right for you. We have six locations in the Houston area to best serve Houstonians. [Read more…]

Dental News from Summit Dental Center of Houston!

In late dental news the Academy of Pediatric Dentistry announced its plan for increasing health awareness in oral care for children in North Carolina. The policy is named The Head Start Dental home Initiative and is a study that entails some 22,000 children in the rural areas of North Carolina. The initiative would mean that these families would have from birth till 5 years of age comprehensive and continuous oral care given to them and taught to them as well. For rural citizens, “Access to oral health services is the number one health issue affecting Head Start programs nationwide,” said North Carolina Dental Society president, Dr. Dan Cheek. “This program is extremely important to children in our state who previously had little or no access to oral health care.”
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Cardiovascular Health linked to Oral Care in Women?

Summit Dental Center is warning Houstonian women about the studies and correlations between continuous oral hygiene and the reduction of cardiovascular problems in women later on life. The study, taken by an online journal called “Health Economics,” showed that continued dental care by women greatly reduced the risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, and strokes in women in a causal type way. Further studies by the esteemed UC Berkeley backed up the findings with years of research on the subject of women and cardiovascular health. The studies definitely indicated that women who attended regular dental checkups and practiced balanced oral care daily had a significantly lower instance of any cardiovascular disease or trauma.
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Summit Dental Center Provides Some Tips for curing Bad Breath

Our mouths are the entry point to the fuel which helps us survive, and when we have bad breath, it could raise a number of questions and indicate many symptoms of something wrong in our overall care as well as our oral hygiene. Millions of Americans suffer from the embarrassment of bad breath, known as Halitosis. Summit Dental Center of Houston wants Houstonians to know there are a couple of things they can do daily to decrease the risk of bad breath in their daily lives.
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Summit Dental Center warns Houston smokers!

At Summit Dental Center we understand that you have habits, habits like smoking and other little things that make life sometimes better and are just part of your routine! However, we also want to remind you that this habit directly affects your teeth, your gums and that is our business. We feel smokers should always be in contact more so with their dentist then most patients with at least one more yearly appointment then the average as well as their physician. Summits Dental Center also further recommends that you practice a more stringent daily plan to help combat the effects of tobacco and smoking on your oral care. This further more includes consistently watching and brushing the gums and tongue, and always brushing after you eat and have a cigarette. When that yellowish stain of tobacco products we furthermore offer a tooth whitening to keep those pearly whites flashing when you smile. Call today to start booking your appointments so your habit stays a habit and not a problem!
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Ronald McDonald steps in for children’s oral care!

The Ronald McDonald Foundation donated approximately 120 thousand dollars to take oral care to young children who were in need. They did so in a variety of ways, with a mobile clinic that went out to children for oral awareness and care and by actual donation to 6 clinics across the nation. The program’s aims were to teach prevention and give oral care to the younger children whose parents might have lost their medical and dental coverage in the downturn economy. When this happens, unfortunately, the likelihood of continued dental care for children diminishes quickly in times such as these. Summit Dental Center of Houston is pleased to hear of private grants like these form private corporations to help the continued dental care of children to those in need. At Summit Dental Center, we know there is no replacement for the daily care and upkeep of your children’s smiles and teeth. After all, daily care at home means less care in the chair. Call Summit Dental Center of Houston today for your child’s next appointment. [Read more…]

Summit Dental Center Talks Daily Prevention Again!

Recently, a study in Oklahoma revealed the lack of daily prevention in our Northern neighbors when it came to teeth and extracting them due to dental cavities beyond repair. Oklahoma actually ranked 50th in the statewide survey of adult’s who visited the dentist. Their children ranked in the worst percentage of cavities and untreated tooth decay, (70% of them with early decay 40% untreated!) and none were likely to still go to the dentist choosing instead to go to the emergency room for tooth extraction! Now, Summit Dental Center of Houston wants Houstonians to know how important daily and continued care is to your teeth and your children’s! It is crucial in maintaining a healthy oral regiment and daily checkups to our office for guidance and care – Before it is too late and you are paying for un- needed hospital bills. Summit Dental Center of Houston is here for your continued support and knowledge in the world of dentistry and we will strive for your mouth’s utmost care. Call us today for an appointment.
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