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Summit Dental Center thinks your meds could be causing your bad breath!

Many Americans experience the daily chronic syndrome which is called bad breath. However, many of our Houstonians may not know that bad breath could actually be caused by some of the medications that you might be taking. It is a common enough side effect that is known as Xerostomia, giving us our “dry Mouth.” Well, it is this very lack of saliva that enables bacteria to buildup as the enzymes from your saliva cannot combat the growing bacteria and food particles that enter your mouth. These enzymes are crucial for digestion and also for cleansing your teeth with a constant supply of calcium to protect against left over sugars which are known for causing cavities. Summit Dental Center wants our Houston populace to know that your bad breath could be a very symptom of your meds and you should contact us immediately if you are experiencing Xerostomia or dry mouth from them. Do not let your meds interfere with your oral health any longer! [Read more…]

Summit Dental Center Files Claims for Houstonians!

Insurance is a tricky thing to deal with on a good day, never mind when you are having a rough one! At Summit Dental Center in Houston, we know how busy you are in the daily grind out there, so we want you to know that we understand that insurance is not an easy thing to claim and file. Most people actually end up having to pay or pay more because of how confusing these insurance companies are with their endless internal bureaucratic red tape. In fact, insurance companies often thrive on these procedural methods to bog you down in small jargon and confusing terms: ultimately stating: “Read the Fine Print” – which then usually equates to money out of your pocket.
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Are you losing your sex appeal because of your lack of dental care?

Summit Dental Center of Houston recently came across a study that found that most Americans think dental hygiene and personal oral care is the number one important fact in looking at their partner as a sexy match. The study was performed by Kelton Research team – the maker of a The Kelton Waterpik. The study even showed that most Americans would put up with body odor, lack of hair grooming, and overall body cleanliness then oral care, before they would deal with someone who didn’t brush or floss!
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Do you know the difference between Indirect and Direct Restoration?

Our teeth throughout our Human lives are used every day in order to keep us nourished properly, and they continuously need upkeep and check-ups to make sure that all is well in our mouths. Restorative dentistry is just one of the many services we at Summit Dental Center offer. What exactly is this and what determines the method used by us Dentists is very important and crucial to your continued care, especially when problems occur in teeth from natural wear and tear to cavities caused from lack of care.
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Summit Dental Center of Houston is all for preventative care!

Let’s face it folks. No one likes the dentist office for the most part -Especially when things are very wrong with your teeth. This is why Summit Dental Center continuously reminds their client’s adults and children alike to keep their daily appointments and checkups while following the simple regiment of daily brushing and flossing for your teeth. There is no better way to care for your teeth then by always brushing and flossing after you eat during the day and with the same thing after you wake up and before you go to bed. Preventative care is the only way to care for your teeth to make them last. In the end, it is this that will make your trips to Summit Dental Center less frequent and also less painful during those visits in the long run. You only get one set of teeth in your lives, so make them last you a lifetime. Contact Summit Dental Center for your check-up appointment today to make sure you are on the path with the right oral care. [Read more…]

Summit Dental Center Sets Houston record straight on Pregnancy and Oral Care!

Many expecting mothers in Houston always debate whether or not going for oral care is good while they are expecting. A few people actually think that it is wise not to go to the dentist for your checkup during your pregnancy. Summit Dental Center of Houston strongly disagrees with this logic, as we have ways to keep the teeth of Houston mom’s looking clean and shiny without any possibility of harm to come to either mom or baby in the chair. It is important to call if you are a mother who is expecting, as recent studies in “General Dentistry” have shown that pregnant women experience a higher rate of gingivitis, pregnant tumors, and gingival enlargement. So, Houston mothers please rest easy, and call Summit Dental Center today if you have any questions about your oral care during your pregnancy. Let us show you how we can develop a safe oral plan for you and your baby to be. After all, there is no reason your oral care has to suffer during your pregnancy.
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Happy Holidays – Have you booked your child’s Dental checkup yet?

Summit Dental Center of Houston wants to wish everyone in the Houston area a warm holiday regards and send out a friendly reminder to all you parents out there preoccupied with holiday plans to get their visiting and vacationing kids into to the dentist for those checkups! The holiday time is a time for rejoicing and reunion, so don’t let a tooth issue get in the way of all that good fun and good eating! While their home and off from school is a great time to stop in to one of Summit Dental Center six Houston locations to make sure that those bad habits they have picked up do not affect the condition of their teeth. Please make sure to call immediately as spaces are filling up fast. We look forward to serving you and your families over the holiday season – Payments options available and very flexible for your family to continue a balanced preventative oral care regiment. Summit Dental Center believes that the more you care for your teeth, the less time you will spend at the dentist’s office! [Read more…]

Summit Dental Center Warns Children of Obesity link to Dental Cavities

The American Dental Academy recently did a study on young children who were known to have dental cavities or tooth decay at an early age. Dental cavities are the number one disease in children from birth until 5 years of age – with a 5 to 10% rate of children experiencing dental decay from the time they are a baby. And of those cases: The studies indicated these results:
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