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A Preemptive Strike on Tooth Decay: Part Two

Everyone knows that a healthy smile is affected immensely by your brushing, flossing, and rinsing habits. We also have been warned, mostly as children, that candy and sweet things are terrible for our teeth. However, very seldom are we informed about foods that are great for our teeth. Summit Dental Center in Houston is here to remedy that! For the next two days we’ll be going over a list of foods that are fantastic for those ivory fangs of yours. For addition information check yesterday’s blog for a list of vitamins that are key in our collective fight for healthier, happier smiles.
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A Preemptive Strike on Tooth Decay: Part One

For awhile now in this blog here at Summit Dental Center in Houston we have been going over various methods, routines, and tools you can use to encourage good mental health. However, most of these tips and tricks have been on the reactionary front. For the next three days we will show you a few helpful tips, so you’re toothbrush and floss aren’t the only warriors fighting off plaque, tartar, and all of the unpleasant guests they bring with them. Check the blog from yesterday and the day before to get an idea of the nature of the unsavory company(side effects) that nasty bacteria can bring into your mouth.
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Preparing for Oral Surgery

So you’ve received the bad news. For one reason or another, you need oral surgery. Well in addition to a wonderful and qualified staff that are equipped and eager to perform this procedure at a very affordable rate. Summit Dental Center in Houston would like to offer you a few tips that will help ease you through the potential difficult process of oral surgery.
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Methods and Means to Floss your Troubles Away: Part Two

As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, the mouth is the gateway through which all nutrition passes into your body. It is also a means by which bacteria can enter your body that will hurt not only your oral health, but your entire body. At Summit Dental Center in Houston we care about your health, not just your teeth. Here are a few more reasons to motivate you to help us help you by instilling good dental habits.
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Methods and Means to Floss your Troubles Away: Part One

Your dental troubles at least. Most dentists now recommend that you floss twice a day, and some have even gone so far as to say that it is even more important than brushing your teeth! Not to say that you should stop brushing, that is indeed an extremely vital part of the hygiene process. The point is that flossing can no longer be overlooked. And here at Summit Dental Center in Houston we are here to equip you with information on the best ways to care for your teeth, inside and outside the dentist’s office.
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The Three Musketeers of Dental Health

I am of course, speaking of Fil dentaire, brosse à dents, and Le rince-bouche. Otherwise known as Floss, Toothbrush, and Mouthwash. (The Three Musketeers were from France, hence the French translation.) Most people brush their teeth. We’ve also been hearing about how important flossing is for quite awhile, and I know we’ve all seen the commercials of how effectively certain brands of mouthwash eradicate the computer-generated bacteria. However it is the opinion of this blogger that it is seldom mentioned how well these three vital companions work together to keep your smile healthy and bright.
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How to Kick the Halitosis Habit: A Practical Guide to Manage and Eliminate Bad Breath

Did you know that many people aren’t even aware that they have bad breath most of the time? Of course, eating something particularly aromatic such as onions or barbecue will alert many people that their breath is not too pleasant; however, the nose desensitizes to smells after prolonged periods of time. Thus many people are immune to their own halitosis. We at Summit Dental in Houston know how important fresh breath is, so we’ve put together a quick list of ways you can reduce or counteract bad breath.
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A New Weapon for your Hygienic Arsenal: The Tongue Scraper

I know, I know, not another thing, in addition to brushing, to do before bed! Oh the humanity of it! But hang in there, after you’re done reading today’s blog, you might have a slightly different opinion. At Summit Dental Center in Houston it’s not just teeth and gums that we’re concerned about. The entire scope of oral health is something we care about, and take it from us, a tongue scraper is an important part of your hygiene routine.
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Great Ways to Form Great Dental Habits in Adults

It’s not just kids that struggle with great hygiene habits. 76% of Americans would rather go grocery shopping than visit the dentist. Whether it’s a busy schedule, losing track, or simply that you never had strong dental habits to begin with. Today we will explore several ways to help encourage your “Inner Child” in the direction of great dental hygiene. At Summit Dental Center in Houston we believe that it’s never too late to start forming healthy hygiene habits, and here are a few ways to start moving in that direction.
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