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Invisilign Versus Braces

So, you may or may not have heard about invisilign. We’ve written an article or two about it here. But what you might be wondering, “If they’ve invented these new invisible braces, then why do people still have regular braces?
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More Reasons to Smile!

Greetings Houston! It’s another wonderful day here at Summit Dental Center in Houston. For this blog we’re going to continue talking about the wonderful effects of smiling. Maybe it’ll motivate you to get out and make sure that you can smile proudly without being worried about crooked or yellowed teeth! Because as you’ll soon see, there are far too many benefits from smiling to let something as silly as tartar or crooked teeth stop you, especially when those problems can be taken care of by your friendly neighborhood dentists here at Summit!
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Nasal Breathing: A How-To Part Four

Greetings Houston, today we are continuing a series on mouth breathing. Yesterday we listed several tips from a booklet by Artour Rakhimov regarding Nasal Breathing on how to make sure that when you are trying to break the habits of Mouth Breathing you will not put yourself in distress during the night.
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Nasal Breathing: A How-To Part Three

Greetings Houston! For the next two days we here at Summit Dental Center in Houston will be providing excerpts from Artour Rakhimov’s manual on Nasal Breathing. Yesterday we discussed the solution of taping your mouth shut in order to help prevent mouth breathing at night. There are a few people who have reported distress during these nights. These tips will help you avoid such distress so that you can effectively purge mouth breathing from your life.
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Nasal Respiration: A How-To Guide Part Two

Hullo again Houston! Greeting from Summit Dental Center in Houston. Yesterday we started a series regarding ways to effectively combat mouth breathing. There were also mentions and links to previous blogs on why it is something you should be concerned about. So today we’re going to start explaining how to fight it.
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