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CHIP Benefits for Dental Services in Houston


In Texas, children who do not have health insurance can receive coverage through the Texas Children’s Health Insurance Program or CHIP.  Parents who meet the eligibility guidelines can receive a wide variety of health related services for their children for as little as $50 per year, but most families pay nothing for CHIP. (Note that CHIP is a separate program from Children’s Medicaid.)
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What is a DMO and Why Should I Care?

Summit Dental Center wants to make its patients and the general public in Houston aware that the way children receive Medicaid/CHIP dental services in Texas is about to change.  We want our patients to know what to expect and how to keep their children with continuous quality care provided by Summit Dental Center.   The Texas Legislature mandated that children’s dental care for those who receive CHIP or Medicaid shall be handled through a managed care organization – sort of like with family physician visits.  There are three Dental Maintenance Organizations (DMO’s):  Delta Dental; MCNA Dental, and Dentaquest.  For our patients’ convenience Summit Dental Center is a member of all three DMO’s, so no matter what plan your family chooses, we are here to provide you and your children with continuity of their oral health care.  We value our relationship with our patient families and hope that you and your family continue to come to any of the seven Summit Dental Center Houston locations to receive your dental care.  We know that paperwork and government regulations can be confusing and time-consuming to sort out, so in the weeks to come, Summit Dental Center will be providing community resources to provide patients with as much information as possible. [Read more…]

Braces Aren’t Just Cosmetic

Braces are dental appliances used to straighten the teeth of both adults and children alike.  Straight teeth do add to the beauty of our smile, but having braces is not only for good looks.  Orthodontic problems like overbites, underbites, tooth crowding and crooked teeth can impact jaw positioning can create issues for patients like headaches, earaches, chewing problems, and even speaking problems if left untreated.  The biggest concern for anyone seeking orthodontic work is the cost, but at Summit Dental Center we work with patients whether they are children or adults.  Summit Dental Center accepts both CHIP and Medicaid, as well as most insurance.  Summit Dental Center also offers payment plans so that patients do not simply give up on their dental health.  We want to be your trusted dental home, so please contact any of our seven Houston offices today to set an appointment to discuss braces for you or your child.  We are here to help your family. [Read more…]

Attention Parents: Texas is Changing the Way Your Children Receive Medicaid Dental Benefits

If your child qualifies for Medicaid benefits in Houston, TX he/she is eligible for dental care from birth through the age of 20.  If your child goes to the dentist and Medicaid pays for the services, pay attention.  The State of Texas Department of Health & Human Services is changing the way your child will receive those important dental services.  Texas is going to a managed care dental program, so instead of selecting any Houston area dentist that accepts Medicaid to treat your child, you will now be asked to choose a “main dental home” or dental plan for your child.  A dental plan is a network of dentists and dental health professionals (like a dental hygienist).  Just because Medicaid is changing how your child receives dental care, do not worry.  Your child will still receive the same dental services as he/she does now.   While the changes won’t happen immediately, you do need to pay attention to letters that will be coming in the mail from Medicaid.  They will tell you what is happening, that you must choose a dental plan/dental home, and that you must do so by a certain date.  If you do not choose a dental home/dental plan, Medicaid will enroll your child in one.  We at Summit Dental Center value our relationship with you, the parent, and your child.  We would be honored if you choose Summit Dental Center as your child’s main dental home and dental plan.  Stay tuned for more useful information on the changes to Medicaid dental services for Houston area children. [Read more…]

Houston Medicaid Dentists and Your Child

Parents with children qualifying for Medicaid dental benefits may worry whether the quality of their children’s care will be affected by their Medicaid status.  Just because a child is a Medicaid patient does not mean that he/she is treated any differently than a child with private insurance or whose parents pay cash for services.  Rest assured that the dentists and dental hygienists at Summit Dental Center are devoted to children’s dental health, and especially those receiving Medicaid benefits.  Having healthy teeth is important because it has an impact on our health whether we are age five or age 50.  Children who have healthy gums reduce the risk of blood infections and reduce the risk of heart trouble later in life.  Summit Dental Center wants each child under our care to be healthy, happy and meet all his/her goals.  We act on that desire by encouraging children to learn good dental practices like consistent brushing and flossing. [Read more…]

Now Seven Convenient Houston Locations to Serve Your Family

Summit Dental Center prides itself on having numerous locations throughout Houston so that hard working families can get their children to the dentist and teach them good habits early on.  We know that your time is valuable, so we do our best to have the most convenient locations and hours so you don’t have to miss work to take your child for dental care, or get dental care yourself.  This fall we are proud to announce the opening of our newest location in Houston.  The seventh location is on Gessner (North of I-10) just passed Hammerly in West Houston.  We have cutting edge dental equipment, a comfortable waiting room and playroom for your children to make the visit as enjoyable as possible.  Summit’s dentists are ready to handle all your family’s dental needs from x-rays, cleaning, and routine check-ups to braces and oral surgery.  We want to earn your business and make you a part of the Summit family. [Read more…]

Cancer and the Importance of Dental Care: Part 3

Houston is one of the best places in the world to be for cancer treatment due to MD Anderson and our excellent Texas Medical Center.  Summit Dental Center dentists receive lots of questions from patients who are getting cancer treatment.  Some of these include:
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