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Parent’s Guide for Caring for Kids’ Dental Health

Being a parent is a non-stop job with no breaks or vacation.  Most of the time parents do a good job getting their kids in to the doctor for medical check ups and making sure school assignments are done, but dental health seems to take a back burner, which is unfortunate.  Children nationwide as well as in Houston are having an increasingly high rate of dental disease and cavities – all of which are easily prevented.  Parents must be consistent in making young children brush their teeth.  Lots of little ones don’t like this, but it’s essential for good health.  In helping to educate parents in the community, Summit Dental Center advises parents that they should be supervising their kids while brushing and flossing until they are at least 7-9 years old.  Kids need constant reinforcement on how to brush and floss properly because there are so many temptations to hurry through this morning and night time ritual like video games, TV and the like.  Also, some parents avoid taking their toddlers and young children to the dentist because they cry or scream during treatment.  No one likes to see a crying baby, but what hygienists, dentists, and parents like even less is a child having to cry when there’s a drill in their mouth.  Our dentists and professionals understand that young children are less than happy about going to a strange office for dental treatment, but we make our best effort to make going to the dentist a fun, positive experience so that they look forward to getting a gold star for a good check-up. [Read more…]

Children’s Dental Health Initiatives

In yesterday’s blog, we discussed dental disease as a nationwide epidemic.  Today, Summit Dental Center discusses some misunderstandings some parents have about caring for their children’s teeth.  Some parents simply do not realize that they should begin wiping their baby’s gums with a soft, wet cloth to help remove sugars and bacteria from their mouth.  It may seem strange, but parents should begin taking their children to the dentist for their first visit as soon as their first baby tooth erupts.  Because bottled water is so available and convenient, lots of parents no longer give their kids tap water to drink.  The big deal about bottled water is that it is not enriched with fluoride, which helps kids teeth develop and remain cavity free.  At Summit Dental Center we are here to help parents care for their kid’s oral health and to set good habits early on. [Read more…]