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Summit Dental Center: Your Houston Dentist for the Whole Family

Houston DentistWhy make the professionals at Summit Dental Center your Houston dentist? There are lots of reasons to choose us for comprehensive dental care. Just ask the hundreds of local families who have made us their home for all their dental needs!

Comprehensive dental care

You have a ton of things on your plate: from daily work obligations and household chores, to shuffling the kids to dance and soccer practice and running miscellaneous errands morning till evening. Who has time for dental referrals and driving all over town to make yet another appointment to see a specialist for a root canal?

Stop. Breathe. At Summit Dental Center you’ll find that all your family’s dental needs are covered under one roof. From routine check-ups and fillings, to wisdom teeth extractions, dentures root canals, and even cosmetic dentistry procedures like dental implants or teeth whitening, we have you covered!

Location, location, location…times seven!

Want to pop-in for a dental cleaning during your lunch break? Your work takes you to downtown Houston every weekday, but your regular Summit Dental Center Houston dentist is located near your home neighborhood on the northwest side of town. No problem! Just visit a location close to your place of employment. With 7 Houston-area locations, impromptu or unexpected dentist appointments have never been easier!

So if your little one knocks out a tooth during an away soccer game in Pasadena, don’t worry – we are there, too! Forget about the hassle of digging around for your dental insurance card and filling out mounds of paperwork just to get your child seen by a dentist. No matter where you are in the Houston area, there is a Summit Dental Center nearby – with all your personal details already on file!

We even offer extended evening and weekend hours for your convenience.

All ages welcome

Summit Dental Center welcomes dental patients of all ages. From the time your baby’s first tooth erupts, until the time you consider dentures or dental implants and beyond, we are here for you! Our youngest patients love our pediatric dentists, and our cosmetic dentistry specialists ensure your teeth stay healthy, functional and attractive at any age.

For all those times in-between, our general dentists, dedicated hygienists, oral surgeons and endodontists are at your service to keep you smiling day in and day out.

PPOs, Medicaid & CHIP accepted

If you have dental insurance, great! We work with all PPO dental insurance providers take care of the claims process for you. Best of all, you will always know what out-of-pocket costs to expect before treatment begins.

In addition to traditional dental policies you subscribe to privately or through your employer, we also proudly accept Medicaid/CHIP patients!

Dental financing available

We know that, unfortunately, dental procedures aren’t always fully covered by insurance. Accidents tend to happen at the worst times and the out-of-pocket expense may seem overwhelming. Cosmetic procedures are often considered elective and insurance doesn’t contribute much, if anything. Some patients may have no insurance at all.

The Houston dentists at Summit Dental Center believe that everyone deserves a happy, healthy smile regardless of insurance status or financial ability. That’s why we offer several dental financing options, some of which don’t even require a credit check!

Dental financing is an affordable option for people who:

  • Need a major procedure such as a root canal or wisdom teeth extraction
  • Are considering dental implants, veneers, or other cosmetic dental work
  • Do not have dental insurance
  • Are faced with treatment for multiple children at once
  • Encounter unexpected emergency treatment costs
  • Need help paying for dentures & more

If you’re interested in dental financing, go ahead and apply online today!

Your Houston dentist specializing in dental implants

Losing one or more teeth either to accident, age, chronic disease or decay is a reality most of us will face sooner or later. While traditional dentures still enjoy popularity, dental implants set the gold standard in tooth replacement.

Dental implants have several advantages over dentures:

  • They are permanently and firmly anchored to the jaw bone, so there is no slipping and sliding of the prosthesis
  • They are made of durable titanium and can last a lifetime with proper care
  • They look and feel as natural as real teeth
  • They allow the patient to eat, talk, and smile with absolute confidence
  • No special care required – just brush and floss as usual!

Whether you’ve considered dental implants for a while or are ready to take the next step, call Summit Dental Center today for a consultation.

Get the smile you always wanted!

Dental implants are only one of the cosmetic and restorative dentistry options your Houston dentist has in store. There are many ways to achieve a brilliant, dazzling smile, including:

Dental veneers: a thin layer of porcelain covering your natural teeth to hide gaps, discoloration, and other flaws

Teeth whitening: a professional “bleaching” of your natural teeth, in-house or at home

Invisalign: straightens your natural teeth by use of clear aligners; this treatment typically falls under orthodontics and may, in part, be covered by insurance

Dentures: a removable dental appliance that replaces missing teeth

Talk to your Summit Dental Center dentist today to find out which procedure is right for you!

Support your local Houston dentist!

Did you know Summit Dental Center is locally owned and operated? While we offer quality, comprehensive dental care for families across the Houston area, we are not part of a big, corporation-owned chain of dental offices that hail from somewhere out-of-state.

Our dentists are well-established in the communities they serve. They are your neighbors. And you can always expect friendly, personalized service when you come see one of our talented professionals. No conveyer-belt processing of patients here!

We are confident that once you give us a try you, too, will choose Summit Dental Center as the Houston dentist for your whole family. Give us a call at 713-425-0450 to schedule an appointment or consultation today!