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Adult Invisible Braces in Houston, TX

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Many adults avoid getting orthodontic treatment because they fear the embarrassment and self-consciousness associated with having a mouth full of bulky, shiny metal bands and braces. At Summit Dental Center™, our experts offer a solution for adults in Houston, TX, that eliminates those fears and straightens their teeth in record time. This solution is ClearCorrect™ aligners, which are different than braces and Invisalign®.

What Are ClearCorrect™ Aligners?

ClearCorrect™ aligners are small invisible braces that dental patients wear over their teeth for about 20 to 22 hours a day. Adults gradually work down to a smaller device until their teeth become straighter.

Benefits of Invisible Braces

You get more freedom with ClearCorrect™ than with conventional metal braces. Although you do not have to wear the devices every hour, the aligners improve the placement of your teeth over time.

Other benefits that you will experience when you wear ClearCorrect™ include:

  • A clear design so that others do not even know that you are wearing an orthodontic device.
  • A custom fit that ensures you are comfortable when you are wearing ClearCorrect™.
  • An easy-to-remove design that does not impact your daily routine.

What Is the Procedure for Invisible Braces?

When you visit Summit Dental Center for the first time, the dentist will take impressions and x-rays of your teeth and discuss whether or not ClearCorrect™ is the right option for you. The dentist will then use the impressions and 3D imaging to obtain a 3D model of your smile. After putting the images on a computer, the dentist will have an idea of the smile that you can achieve with ClearCorrect™ treatment.

ClearCorrect™ is similar to Invisalign® in that it uses computers and the information that the dentist enters to create aligners that are custom-fit for your teeth. Until your custom-fit aligners are made, the dentist will give you a set of basic aligners called Patient Zero models so that you can become more comfortable with the orthodontic devices.

You will have to wear the first set of ClearCorrect™ aligners for 22 hours every day, but you can take them out when you eat or brush your teeth. Six weeks later, you will receive the custom-fit set of aligners from ClearCorrect™. As you wear them, the devices will gradually improve your smile. The dentist will have you schedule follow-up appointments to get new appliances until you achieve the smile that you desire.

Invisible Braces Recovery

You should not experience any pain while you use ClearCorrect™ devices because they are made to fit over your teeth comfortably. Due to the pressure that the appliances put on your teeth, however, you might have some mild discomfort. The discomfort lessens or completely disappears during the first few weeks for a majority of patients.

How Much Do Invisible Braces Cost?

There are several factors that determine how much ClearCorrect™ will cost you, so it is important that you meet with a Summit Dental Center expert. Some of these factors include the shape or size of your teeth, existing damage to your teeth and procedures that you have tried before. You can pay for your ClearCorrect™ aligners and dental appointments with cash or credit cards. Our dentists will also work with your insurer or work with you if you are receiving government assistance.

Are Invisible Braces Right for Me?

ClearCorrect™ is an ideal solution for adults who want to improve their smiles and for those who do want to go through their adult lives with metal braces. With ClearCorrect™, no one will notice that you are wearing corrective aligners. The only thing that they will notice is your improved smile.

Why Choose Summit Dental Center™?

Known as a “great dentist for kids,” Summit Dental Center™ has a reputation for providing a family friendly atmosphere and positive dental experience

  • Offers ClearCorrect™ as an alternative to Invisalign®
  • Quality care at affordable rates
  • 7 convenient locations with flexible evening and weekend hours

What to Expect During Your Consultation

When you visit Summit Dental Center for a ClearCorrect™ consultation, it will be $25 if you are a new patient. You can also expect to discuss all of your treatment options before the dentist performs any service and to undergo an examination and x-rays. We strive to provide quality dental care and make it affordable.

With seven convenient locations throughout the Houston area, we offer both extended and weekend hours to our patients. We are dedicated to providing quality dental service, so please contact us today to schedule your appointment!