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All on 4 Permanent Dentures

Teeth replacement strategies have come a long way in recent years, thanks to dental implants, and the latest option to give our patients the smile they deserve is a procedure called All on 4 Permanent Dentures.
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What are All on 4 Permanent Dentures?

Simply put, All on 4 Permanent Dentures are exactly that – non-removable dentures that are anchored to your jaw bone with 4 dental implants (per arch). Think of the All on 4 procedure as a brand new set of artificial teeth that looks and feels just like natural teeth.

What are the Benefits of All on 4 Permanent Dentures VS. Traditional Dentures?

All on 4 Permanent Dentures represent the gold standard of teeth replacement in modern dentistry. If you are a current wearer of traditional dentures, you’re likely all too aware of the potential pitfalls associated with a removable prosthesis. Achieving a perfect fit is difficult, and as the landscape of your mouth changes over time (receding gums, bone loss, and more), periodic adjustments of your removable dentures are needed to ensure continued functionality of those traditional appliances.

All on 4 Permanent Dentures eliminate practically all the woes traditional denture wearers typically experience.


Permanent Dentures Removable Dentures
Slipping & sliding No Yes
Removal at night No Yes
Odor from bacteria build-up No Yes
Difficulty cleaning No Yes
Expense for cleaning products No Yes
Periodic adjustments No Yes
Maintenance appointments No Yes
Functionality to eat all foods Yes No
Speaking with confidence Yes No
Smiling without embarrassment Yes No
Help prevent bone loss in the jaw Yes No
Looks and feels natural Yes No


Can Permanent Dentures Slip?

Absolutely not. All on 4 Permanent Dentures are securely anchored in your jaw with titanium “screws.” Your dentist inserts 4 dental implants per arch, with two of the implants placed toward the front of your mouth, and two more positioned farther back on each side.

Can Permanent Dentures be Removed?

Not without a dentist’s assistance. In fact, that’s the beauty of All on 4 Permanent Dentures – once the procedure is complete, very little maintenance is needed. In other words, plant them and leave them.

Do Permanent Dentures create an odor?

No. Traditional dentures are often associated with an unpleasant odor because bacteria can quickly and easily build up underneath the dentures. Fastidious maintenance is key to keep those bacteria at bay. Because All on 4 Permanent Dentures are tightly fitted to your gum line, regular brushing and flossing are all that’s needed to keep your mouth smelling clean – just like you would with your natural teeth.

Are All on 4 Permanent Dentures difficult to clean?

If you consider regular brushing and flossing difficult, then perhaps. All joking aside, permanent dentures are no more difficult to maintain than your natural teeth – easier, even, if you consider that your permanent dentures aren’t susceptible to cavities. Traditional dentures, on the other hand, require nightly removal for cleaning, and specialized cleaning products to do so.

Do All on 4 Permanent Dentures Need Adjustments?

Never. Once the surgical sites have healed properly and you take good care of your permanent dentures with regular brushing and flossing, your dentist will check to ensure all is well during your regular dental check-ups every 6 months or so. No special dentist visits are needed.

Can I eat all foods with All on 4 Permanent Dentures?

Yes! This is another big advantage of permanent dentures over the traditional version. All on 4 Permanent Dentures are highly durable and can withstand the pressure of chewing nuts, popcorn, carrots, and anything else your heart (or belly) desires. You can even chew gum and enjoy some taffy! Just brush afterward.

Do All on 4 Permanent Dentures allow me to smile and speak with confidence?

Yes, and yes! Based on all the previously mentioned advantages, why wouldn’t you? After all, you never have to worry about lisping, or your appliance slipping out by accident. You don’t have to fear that your conversation partner may detect an unpleasant odor when you speak, or that your romantic partner may be taken aback when you have to remove your dentures for cleaning. Plus, saving money on cleaning products makes everyone smile…regular toothpaste and floss will do just fine.

Do All on 4 Permanent Dentures improve my oral health?

Absolutely! Permanent, implant-supported dentures help prevent bone loss. As the surgical sites heal, new bone forms around the implants, averting the “sunken cheek syndrome” traditional denture-wearers often experience.

Do permanent dentures look and feel natural?

We’ll answer this question with a question: Have you ever looked at a person and said, “Wow, this woman is wearing permanent dentures!”? Odds are, you haven’t. That’s because All on 4 Permanent Dentures are diligently designed to match your natural bite and tooth color, and are practically indistinguishable from natural teeth. This meticulous design, plus the fact that you won’t even notice that there is an appliance in place, also contributes to the perfectly natural feel of permanent dentures.

How can I afford All on 4 Permanent Dentures?

At Summit Dental Center, we first contact your dental insurance provider to determine if coverage is available for all, some, or none of the cost involved. Before any treatment begins, we will inform you of any out-of-pocket cost that may be your responsibility.

Whether your insurance provider covers all, any, or just some of the cost of All on 4 Permanent Dentures, Summit Dental Center will help you get the smile you always wanted by offering dental financing. This means you can get a completely new “bite” with only bite-sized payments – possibly even without a credit check!

Learn more about our dental financing options here and apply online!

All on 4 Dental Implants are an investment in your future. Specifically, they are an investment in quality of life as well as romantic and professional relationships. Find out more details about the actual All on 4 procedure here, then call us for an initial consultation today at 713-425-0450!

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