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Need emergency dentist treatment over the holidays? Here’s how to deal with the unexpected!

The last thing you want to experience during the holiday season is visit to the emergency dentist. However, we have no control over when these sorts of issues happen. A tipsy fall or even snacking on some peanuts could cause your tooth to dislodge or crack in a freak accident. Or, maybe you’re just overcome … Read more

Just had a wisdom tooth extraction or dental surgery? Here’s how to still enjoy your holiday favorites!

Wisdom tooth extraction is something no one wants to experience, especially during the holiday season. However, there is no denying that this is something that impacts a lot of people, and there is no telling when your wisdom teeth are going to cause problems. If you have had your wisdom teeth extracted, you can still … Read more

Dental Financing, Insurance, and More: How to Pay for Dental Treatment

Getting access to affordable dental care can be a challenge. It is even harder if you do not have insurance, have less-than-stellar credit, or find yourself in need of major dental treatment unexpectedly. Nevertheless, there are several dental financing options you can take advantage of to ease the burden. Personal Line of Credit Various lenders … Read more