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Braces Aren’t Just Cosmetic

Braces are dental appliances used to straighten the teeth of both adults and children alike.  Straight teeth do add to the beauty of our smile, but having braces is not only for good looks.  Orthodontic problems like overbites, underbites, tooth crowding and crooked teeth can impact jaw positioning can create issues for patients like headaches, earaches, chewing problems, and even speaking problems if left untreated.  The biggest concern for anyone seeking orthodontic work is the cost, but at Summit Dental Center we work with patients whether they are children or adults.  Summit Dental Center accepts both CHIP and Medicaid, as well as most insurance.  Summit Dental Center also offers payment plans so that patients do not simply give up on their dental health.  We want to be your trusted dental home, so please contact any of our seven Houston offices today to set an appointment to discuss braces for you or your child.  We are here to help your family.