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How to choose a Medicaid Dentist

Medicaid DentistTexas, we have a problem! As the state’s population increases by leaps and bounds, the dentist-patient ratio decreases steadily, meaning there aren’t enough dentists to cover the need. In fact, Texas needs at least 400 more dentists to comfortably meet the oral health needs of Texans. This is especially true for dentists serving Medicaid patients, and the trend impacts primarily children, adolescents and young adults.

While major metropolitan areas like Houston may be better supplied with Medicaid dentists than the state’s rural areas, finding a good provider for your child or young adult can still be a difficult undertaking. If you’re searching for a quality Medicaid dentist, don’t settle! Your dental health is important, and you should expect the same quality treatment as patients who are privately insured!

Here’s what to look for in a dentist – Medicaid provider or not:

Available wherever

A great dentist is one you, first and foremost, have convenient access to. That means the Medicaid dentist of your choice would ideally be located near your home or work place. Summit Dental Center, for example, has 7 convenient locations across Houston and Pasadena. No matter where you live in the Houston area, there’s a Summit Dental Center close by. Talk about availability! You shouldn’t have to drive all the way across town for a routine dental checkup or, worse, if something goes wrong with your teeth. Your Medicaid dentist should be available to you wherever you are.

Available whenever

Not only should your dentist be easily accessible in terms of location, but also in terms of office hours. Oral issues can happen at any time. Accidents, cavities, or painful abscesses don’t adhere to a schedule. In fact, dental emergencies have a crazy way of “picking” the worst possible times – think evenings and weekends! That said, a dentist office that has extended hours, or is even available over the weekends, is dedicated to being there when you need them.

Summit Dental Center not only has extended hours, but is available on Saturdays as well! You never know what could happen over the weekend or on a Friday night, and extended hours even come in handy for routine exams because you won’t have to miss an afternoon of work. The Medicaid dentists at Summit Dental Center work around YOUR schedule!

Experienced with Medicaid

If you’re going to see a Medicaid dentist, it only makes sense that you would prefer one who is experienced with Medicaid; just like you would want a dentist who is experienced in…well…dentistry.

Since the beginning of Medicaid in Texas, Summit Dental Center has been accepting Medicaid claims for patients, even during times when not many others would. In fact, Summit Dental Center was established with the explicit goal of serving Medicaid patients! That’s right – since our early days we have been dedicated specifically to you! You are our specialty!

Over the years, we’ve been there through all the changes Medicaid went through, and adjusted accordingly to make sure patients received the quality dental treatment they deserve. We handle Medicaid claims quickly and efficiently, which means less headaches for you!

With 20+ years of experience with Medicaid under our belt, we know how to treat our patients with care regardless of their financial position.

Serves you with a smile

Let’s say you’re looking for a new babysitter and have the choice of two candidates. One is super sweet, has years of babysitting experience, and is even CPR certified. The other is not nearly as experienced, has an attitude, and you overheard her call her boyfriend telling him she’s going to have a house all to herself Saturday night. You wouldn’t want candidate #2 to babysit your child for a minute, much less a whole night! No doubt you’d choose the sweet and experienced babysitter to take care of your baby.

The same applies to your dentist. You wouldn’t want a Medicaid dentist who is unenthusiastic to see you and help you with your dental needs. Nor would you want a provider who’s only out for his own gain, one to whom you’re little more than a number. You want a Medicaid dentist who is excited, friendly, caring and ready to help.

Summit Dental Center strives to make patients of all ages feel comfortable, welcome, and confident in the dental services they receive. Our motto isn’t “Kids Love Us” for no reason. Parents sincerely love bringing their children to us because we sincerely want to help their children. Friendly service keeps the child’s worries and fears at bay, so they’re happy and well taken care of when they leave the dentist. We’re like that babysitter you want to hire, only we give your child or adolescent clean, cavity-free teeth.

To sum it up…

Convenience, experience, and friendliness are the three key traits you should look for in a dentist. A dentist who is available whenever and wherever you need them is rather convenient. A dentist who has worked with Medicaid for as long as he can remember reflects a lot of experience with your specific needs. And finally, a dentist who wears a smile on his face and is eager to help is a poster child for friendliness. You wouldn’t want to put your child into the hands of a rude, inexperienced, and inconvenient babysitter, so why put yourself or your child into the hands of that type of Medicaid dentist?

Make Summit Dental Center your family’s Medicaid dentist! Call us at 713-425-0450, or visit us at one of our 7 locations in the Houston area.