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Cosmetic Dentistry in Houston, TX

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paymentsThe dental professionals at Summit Dental Center™ know how important it is to have a beautiful and healthy smile. That is why we take great care in providing the most professional service with a wide variety of treatments, options, and plans to fit all of your individual cosmetic dentistry needs.

Summit Dental Center™ is proud to offer the following cosmetic dentistry procedures to Houston area residents:


This procedure cosmetically improves the appearance and shape of teeth. Bonding is a dental procedure that repairs a decayed, chipped, broken, or stained tooth. It also works to fill in small cavities making them appear as natural teeth. Bonding is relatively less expensive and quicker than other cosmetic procedures. To learn more about bonding – Read More.

Dental Implants

One of the most innovative and effective advances in dentistry to come along in quite some time is the dental implant. A solution for missing teeth, dental implants are designed to act as custom-made replacement teeth, helping people improve chewing, speaking, and the overall appearance of their smile. To learn more about dental implants – Read More.


We offer dentures for patients who are missing all or some of their natural teeth from gum disease, tooth decay, or injury. To learn if dentures are a good fit for you – Read More.

Composite Fillings

This procedure cosmetically improves and repairs a decayed, chipped, broken, or fractured tooth. A plastic silicon-dioxide material makes up composite fillings to blend in perfectly with your natural teeth. At Summit Dental Center™, our trained dentists will expertly match your composite filling to your regular teeth, giving you that natural outcome you desire. To learn more about composite fillings – Read More.

Dental Crowns

Crowns are the specialty of implant, aesthetic, and reconstructive dentistry. Prosthodontists restore oral function through prostheses and restorations (i.e., complete dentures, crowns, implant retained/supported restorations). – Read More.

Teeth Whitening

The key to a long lasting, bright, white smile is to have the teeth whitened by a cosmetic dentist before discoloration becomes too severe. Whether you choose an in-office or at-home procedure, you can be sure to receive solid advice, professional care, and a smile that will knock their socks off! To learn more about our teeth whitening procedures – Read More.

Dental Veneers

This procedure cosmetically improves the appearance of front teeth by changing the color, shape, and/ or size. Veneers are made of either porcelain or resin composite materials that permanently fit around teeth. Veneers can make your smile whiter and brighter. To learn more about veneers – Read More.

With seven convenient locations throughout the Houston area, we offer both extended and weekend hours to our patients. We are dedicated to providing quality dental service, so please contact us today to schedule your appointment and ask about our free consultations!

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