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Cost of Invisalign® in Houston, TX

Cost Of Invisalign in Houston TxCost of Invisalign® in Houston, TX

If you’re considering invisible braces to achieve straighter, more even teeth, keep in mind that the cost of Invisalign® varies from one patient to the next. A one-on-one consultation with your Summit Dental Center dentist is needed to assess the current condition of your teeth, the scope of work to be done, and your ultimate goal.

Invisalign® is the innovative teeth straightening system that may improve the way you bite with your back teeth, the alignment of your front teeth, the appearance of your smile, and the overall health of your teeth and mouth. This ultimately can save you money by preventing future oral disease.

What Is The Cost of Invisalign in Houston?

Get started today, costs starting at $99.00 a month. We have Financing is Available . Depending on the amount of time that is required to correct your smile will determine the final cost. We offer a Free Invisalign Consultation where you will see a full 3D model of what your smile could like with Invisalign and a firm price to give you the smile you always wanted.

What Determines the Cost of Invisalign® in Houston, TX?

During your initial Invisalign® consultation, your dentist will take x-rays of your mouth and do a complete digital scan that will provide a full 3D of your smile now and what it will look like at the completion of your treatment. This will help him get a true picture of the health of your teeth, and whether there are any cavities, for example, or other oral health conditions present that must be addressed prior to receiving invisible braces.

The digital scan that’s done will show the exact arrangement of your teeth, the extent of misalignment, and the complexity of treatment needed.

Factors that figure into the cost of your Invisalign® treatment include:

  • Any dental, oral, or gum disease that must be corrected prior to treatment
  • The extent of misalignment and subsequent complexity of treatment
  • The duration of treatment (typically 12 months, but could be longer to achieve desired results)
  • How many sets of aligners are needed to achieve the desired outcome. We provide unlimited aligners for up to 5 years.

Once treatment is underway, be sure to follow the treatment plan your dentist lays out for you to the letter. Wear your aligners daily for the specified number of hours (usually 20-22 hours per day) as directed, keep all follow-up dentist appointments to monitor progress, and follow the switching schedule lined out in your Invisalign® roadmap. Failure to adhere to your treatment plan may result in additional costs because you may not achieve the projected results in the given timeframe, meaning your treatment may take longer and require additional sets of aligners.

When the concept of invisible braces was first introduced years ago, Invisalign® clear aligners used to be more expensive than traditional metal braces. In recent years, however, Invisalign® pricing has become quite competitive with the cost of traditional metal braces – with more comfort, better aesthetics, and less hassle to boot.

Ways to cover the cost of Invisalign® in Houston, TX

Yes, Invisalign® treatment (like metal braces) does require you to invest in yourself and your smile, but the cost can be manageable and affordable for anyone. Summit Dental Center offers financing for Invisalign; including No Credit Required financing.

Is Invisalign® Covered by Insurance?

At Summit Dental Center, we work closely with your dental insurance carrier to help you get the maximum benefit from your dental plan. In many cases, insurance may cover or contribute to your Invisalign® treatment. Please give us a call with your insurance information and we can verify the coverage’s you have.

Can I Use my FSA or HSA to cover the cost of Invisalign®?

You sure can! Apply the pre-tax dollars from your Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account to your Invisalign® treatment. Be sure to mention your plan to use an HSA or FSA prior to beginning treatment.

Can I Pay for my Invisalign® Treatment in Installments?

Absolutely! Summit Dental Center offers affordable payment plans to help you get the straight, even smile you always wanted. We have dental financing plans that fit every budget, so be sure to ask us about paying in monthly installments during your initial Invisalign® consultation.

Why Choose Summit Dental Center™?

We are committed to providing quality, affordable care for you and your family. Summit Dental Center™ offers financing plans and payment options that will break the total cost of treatment into a series of monthly payments. We also accept most insurance plans and government assistance programs. Please visit our financing page to find the best option for your situation.

Even beyond Invisalign® treatment, Summit Dental Center is the Houston area’s top address for quality dental care:

  • 7 convenient Houston-area locations
  • Dental financing available, no credit check required
  • General dentists and highly trained specialists under one roof, including pediatric dentists, endodontists, prosthodontists, and more…
  • Full range of sedation options
  • Comprehensive dental care for the whole family
  • Extended evening hours and Saturday appointments available

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