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Does your current dentist accept Medicaid? We do!

We accept Medicaid and ChipDoes your dentist accept Medicaid? If you or your child are a new program enrollee, you need to make sure your current dentist is a Medicaid-approved dental provider. With only a relatively small percentage of dentists accepting Medicaid, quickly finding a quality dentist for yourself or your child could be like finding that second sock from the dryer that mysteriously vanished.

Luckily, Summit Dental Center accepts both Medicaid and CHIP patients (Children’s Health Insurance Program).

Benefits of Medicaid and CHIP

Now, we’re not trying to toot our own horn (well, maybe just a little), but here at Summit Dental Center we have been serving Medicaid patients and handling Medicaid claims for a while now (*cough* 20 years *cough*). And through all the ups and downs, lefts and rights, and any other direction you can think of that Medicaid has gone through over the last two decades to become the Medicaid you know and love today, we’ve accommodated to those changes to make sure all our patients get the dental care they deserve.

As far as dental services, Medicaid plans typically cover a comprehensive set of benefits called the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnostic and Treatment (EPSDT). These benefits include the following at a minimum:

  • Tooth restoration
  • Dental maintenance
  • Pain relief and infection treatment

These are the dental benefits you can receive at zero cost to you. As for CHIP, it only costs a nominal fee for your child to receive treatment.

Even if Medicaid or CHIP doesn’t cover a procedure you or your child may need, Summit Dental Center offers patient financing for virtually any of the services we offer. We also have an in-house payment plan that covers procedures up to $5,000 in services. Because we’re committed to your oral health, our financing options (should you need them) feature low monthly payments and no interest. We won’t even conduct a credit check!

Why, you ask? We’re loyal. We’re dedicated. And we appreciate you. That’s why we will always to our best to keep costs to you to a minimum.

Not interested in financing? Cash payments are also welcome in the event services not covered by CHIP or Medicaid are needed!

What about the quality of service?

Glad you asked! At Summit Dental Center, our Medicaid dentists provide you with the exact same highest-quality service we provide to all our patients, regardless of insurance status. You’ll be able to take advantage of the latest technology, receive treatment from experienced and gentle dental professionals, and experience the same courteous customer service our patients have come to expect from Summit Dental Center.

Why Summit Dental Center?

Forget long drives across town to see your Medicaid dentist! We have seven convenient locations throughout the Houston area, including an office in Pasadena. One of these locations is bound to be just a hop, skip, and jump from where you live or work.

In addition, kids love our pediatric dentists – and they love kids! We know how to connect with children of all ages – from toddlers to adolescents and teenagers – and ensure that their experience with us is a positive one.

If you worry about your child’s reaction to his or her first dental visit, relax! We’re used to hesitant (or even scared) kiddos and do all we can to make sure every youngster leaves our office with a smile. We even have goodie bags for the kids when they leave! (No, we’re not going to tell you what’s inside of it; It’ll ruin the surprise!)

Time for wisdom tooth removal? We do that, too! Best of all, we offer a full range of sedation options for your teen that makes the procedure painless. Our motto: No pain, no fear!

Trouble getting to the dentist office during regular business hours? We have good news here, too! Summit Dental Center offers convenient evening and weekend hours so you never have to worry about missing out on too much work.

With all sorts of general dentists, surgeons, and specialists on staff, it’s easy to see why Summit Dental Center is the ideal choice of dentist for all your family’s oral health needs.

So why is accepting Medicaid so important to us?

Medicaid and CHIP provide health care to 44% of Texas children, or approximately 30+ million kids nationwide. That’s a lot of children and young adults whose dental health depends on public insurance. Here at Summit Dental Center we believe everyone, regardless of income, deserves a brilliant, healthy smile, and the confidence to smile without hiding behind the sleeve of their sweater.

Summit Dental Center is happy to have to opportunity to provide you with exceptional dental care.

Now that you know we accept Medicaid and CHIP, let’s take the next step! If you would like to schedule an appointment with us, or have any questions, go ahead and give us a call at 713-425-0450.