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Dental Checkup In Houston and Pasadena at Summit Dental Center

Summit Dental Center: Your Home for Hassle-Free Dental Checkups

Did you know only about 6 in 10 American adults saw their dentist for a dental checkup last year? That’s just a little over half of us who make their oral health a regular part of their health routine. It comes as no surprise, then, that about a third of adults live with untreated cavities.

At Summit Dental Center we understand that fitting the dentist into your busy schedule can be a challenge, but we’re here to remind you that your teeth deserve to be a priority in your overall health considerations.

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Do you fall within any of those categories?

You probably wouldn’t go a year or more without a car tune-up, so why put your dental health on the back burner? At Summit Dental Center, we hear all sorts of reasons why patients skip out on scheduled dental checkups, or why they don’t make regular appointments in the first place.

Chief among them are time, cost, and fear of the dentist.

Time: Many people feel that, unless they experience a painful problem, a preventive checkup doesn’t warrant taking time off work.

Cost: Some patients don’t want to incur expenses when all seems to be well.

Fear: A good number of our patients dislike dentist visits no matter what, and will delay making an appointment until the issues in their mouths have reached critical proportions.

Why are Dental Checkups so Important?

Regular dental checkups are crucial for optimal dental health because they are primarily preventative in nature, meaning they are designed to stop problems before they occur, and address undetected existing problems before they become worse. Issues that might arise from skipped dental checkups include tooth decay, bad breath, gum disease and more.

The Summit Dental Center Difference

At Summit Dental Center we want to eliminate all your reasons to forgo your regular dental checkups, and give you every reason to come in and just do it – every 6 months!

Time: We offer flexible appointments that fit your schedule. Take advantage of our extended evening and Saturday hours and never miss time at work again!

Cost: If you have dental insurance or are a Medicaid/CHIP recipient, your preventive dental checkup and cleaning, as well as related x-rays, are likely covered in full. In the event your Summit Dental Center dentist determines that a problem exists and treatment is recommended, dental financing with affordable payment plans is available to help you pay for the dental care you need.

Fear: Routine dental checkups and associated cleanings are typically painless. Nevertheless, we recognize that the sights, sounds and smells of a dentist office alone can trigger anxiety and fear in some patients, which can cause them to avoid dental checkups entirely. If you are afraid of the dentist, ask us about sedation options that can help you relax and keep you perfectly comfortable throughout your dental checkup.

The Cost of Skipped Dental Checkups

Someone once said that the “cheapest cavity is the one you never get.” There is a lot of wisdom to that statement, as it perfectly sums up the value of dental checkups. Here is a more familiar saying: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” A platitude, perhaps, but one with a lot of truth to it nevertheless.

From little problem to major issue

Few of us manage to escape cavities entirely, and catching them early is extremely important. That’s the job of routine dental checkups – to catch possible problems right away. Over time, untreated tooth decay can easily morph into a large cavity or an abscessed tooth that requires a root canal.

Small problems are typically easy and relatively inexpensive to correct. If the issue goes untreated, however, and is allowed to progress until it requires major dental work, get ready to open wide – your wallet, that is.

Insurance coverage

If you have dental coverage, you’re likely covered under what is commonly referred to as a 100-80-50 policy. This typically means that your dental insurance plan covers 100% of routine dental checkups, 80% of minor treatments like fillings, and only 50% of major restorative dental work like bridges and crowns.

We know what you’re thinking: If only you had caught that cavity when it was tiny!

We rest our point.

Overall health and well-being

Poor dental and oral health can lead or contribute to a variety of general health conditions that can jeopardize your overall well-being.  An unhealthy mouth is a breeding ground for bacteria. Uncontrolled gum disease, especially, has been linked to preterm labor, heart disease, stroke, and out-of-control blood sugar levels in diabetics.

Along the same vein, regular dental checkups can also result in the early detection of certain conditions. With regular dentist visits, your Summit Dental Center dentists may be your first line of defense in the early discovery of non-dental conditions like oral cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, and HIV.

Why Choose Summit Dental Center for Your Regular Dental Checkups?

Summit Dental Center dentists are committed to delivering top quality dental care to Houstonians.

No Pain/No Fear Dentistry

Choose from a full range of sedation options – from laughing gas and oral sedation all the way to general anesthesia — to keep you comfortable throughout your procedure. Talk to your dentist about which option is right for you.

Flexible Scheduling

We offer extended evening and Saturday appointments to fit your busy lifestyle.

Convenient Locations

You can find us at 7 convenient locations throughout the Houston area. Click here to see a map of Summit Dental Center locations.

Comprehensive Care for the Whole Family

Whether you’re looking for a general dentist or a specialist, you’ll find them all under the same roof at Summit Dental Center

  • General dentists
  • Pediatric dentists for children of all ages
  • Prosthodontists (teeth replacement specialists, for dental implants or dentures)
  • Invisalign specialists
  • Endodontists (root canal specialists)
  • Cosmetic dentists for teeth whitening, dental veneers, and more
  • Dental surgeons (for extractions, bone grafts, etc.)

Become a part of the Summit Dental Center family by scheduling a dental checkup appointment today! Call us at 713-425-0450.

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