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Dental Financing, Insurance, and More: How to Pay for Dental Treatment

Dental Financing OptionsGetting access to affordable dental care can be a challenge. It is even harder if you do not have insurance, have less-than-stellar credit, or find yourself in need of major dental treatment unexpectedly. Nevertheless, there are several dental financing options you can take advantage of to ease the burden.

Personal Line of Credit

Various lenders offer personal loans that can help cover dental expenses. You can apply for a personal loan or a credit card more or less the same way you would for any other personal credit line, such as a car loan.

To get a better deal, we recommend you start by doing thorough research of different private lenders. This will help you find a credit card or loan that best suits your situation and budget.

Advantages of using dental loans

There are several benefits associated with applying for a personal loan for dental care. Generally, personal loans have lower rates compared to credit cards; hence you will save plenty of cash in interest.

Personal loans offer great flexibility as far as loan amounts are concerned. Moreover, access to cash is faster. Processing may even take as little as one day. The outlined equal monthly payments also mean that you can budget re-payment of your loan over time.

Disadvantages associated with dental loans

Although there is a possibility to access a personal loan that has an affordable interest rate, you are still exposing yourself to financial risk. A bad credit score, for example, will likely result in a higher interest rate, a lower credit line that may not fully cover your dental expenses, or both.

For many patients trying to secure the funds for dental procedures it is probably a good idea to seek alternative sources of financing before making the commitment to take out a personal loan.

How about credit cards?

Using a credit card to pay for your dental work gives you the flexibility to pay for the procedure over time. Nonetheless, the interest rates for credit cards can get quite high. Also, if you choose to pay only the monthly minimum payment, you’ll likely incur additional interest fees that slow down repayment of your credit card debt.

Of course, some credit cards feature an interest rate of 0%, which is a decent option if you are sure you will settle the total amount before the period of the special offer elapses. Take care when dealing with credit cards, however. If you do not make repayments within the period for the introductory 0% interest rate, the rate may double tracing back to the period when the credit contract commenced.

Dental Tourism

Some people travel to foreign countries in hopes of slashing the cost of pricey treatments such as veneers, dental implants, and crowns. While it is true that countries like Costa Rica, Poland, Spain, Hungary, or Mexico offer those services at cheaper prices, undergoing dental treatment in a foreign country is risky business.

Tourists typically can’t be certain that the treatments they receive meet U.S. standards in quality and safety, nor do they have any recourse when something goes wrong. Intensive research is a must for anyone considering dental tourism. In the United States, dentistry is heavily regulated with educational requirements for practitioners and strict hygiene standards. In a foreign country, there’s never a guarantee that those same high standards are being met.

Traveling abroad usually means taking time off work and losing vacation time and/or income. There are also travel costs to consider. By the time you pay for an airline ticket, rental car, hotel stay, and restaurant expenses, you’ll likely find that you could have just enjoyed peace of mind for the same price by visiting your local Summit Dental Center for your dental care needs.

Dental Insurance

Many people are not enthusiastic about buying a dental insurance plan if it isn’t automatically offered by an employer, mainly because they are unsure about the options available and hesitate to pay the extra fee, thinking they may never need the benefits.

While dental insurance rarely covers everything and anything, it is typically a great way to reduce potential dental care expenses at a predictable monthly rate. Some dental plans cost as little as $10 per month, and seldomly exceed $50/monthly.

One of the biggest problems with dental policies, of course, is the fact that they typically have annual limits and benefit restrictions. Consequently, you are not assured your insurance will cover every expense you incur every time you visit your dentist, especially if you suffer from poor oral health, and need more frequent – or major – dental work.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider when selecting an insurance plan:

  • Oral cancer coverage
  • Cosmetic dentistry coverage
  • Dental implant insurance
  • Pre-existing condition clauses
  • Emergency treatment coverage

It is often a huge relief when you are assured of financial protection if you are in dire need of dental treatment or services.

In the US, you have the following insurance policy options

  • DHMO: This option features low out-of-pocket costs when you visit a dentist within your plan network. There are typically no deductibles and the monthly premiums are lower. In most cases, there is no annual cap. The downside is that you are limited to specific dentists who are part of the DHMO’s network.


  • PPO: This option allows you to see any provider you choose for your treatments, and in most cases there will be no co-pay for your dentist visit. PPO plans have a preferred provider network as well, and provide more coverage if you visit an in-network provider. The premiums for this type of dental plan are typically higher, come with deductibles, and often institute annual caps.

When selecting the right dental insurance for yourself, it is crucial to consider your needs as well as the level of treatment you anticipate you (or your family) may need.

Other Dental Financing Options

In-House Financing

This arrangement. offered by Summit Dental Center, ensures patients receive the dental care they want or need, when they need it. Basically, Summit Dental Center extends a line of credit to you for up to $5,000 in treatments. No credit check is required to apply for this benefit, and we’ll work with your budget to determine an affordable payment plan that fits your needs!

You can apply for in-house financing online and get instant approval. Click here to get started!

Third-Party Financing

Summit Dental Center works with trusted third-party lenders to help you finance your dental treatments up to $30,000. This is a great financing solution for cosmetic treatments or major dental work like dental implants. After completing the online dental credit application process, you will be linked with a dental financing institution.

This could be a good option for you, especially if your credit history is a bit wanting. Summit Dental Center does NOT require a credit check to refer you to a trusted third-party lender.

Call Summit Dental Center today to speak with a dental financing specialist! You can reach us at 713-425-0450 to learn more about our affordable payment options.