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Dental veneers in your stocking? It could happen…

Dental Veneers for ChristmasA visit to the dentist isn’t usually something you’d give as a gift, but hear us out – because maybe it should be!

Studies show that more than a third of all Americans are unhappy with their smile. So why not give them what they really want? A straighter, brighter, or healthier set of teeth!

We have collected some interesting facts and statistics on how people perceive their own smiles and the effect it has on their lives in terms of romance, social relationships, and employment.

Let’s start with some basics

  • Nearly 7 in 10 adults aged 35- 44 have lost one or more adult teeth. Odds are, you have a loved one who could benefit from a dental implant or a set of dentures that fits!
  • Almost three quarters of American adults feel that making a single, major change to their appearance would give them a confidence boost. We all have self-confidence issues and something that bothers us about ourselves – do you have a loved one who’s embarrassed about his or her teeth?
  • The majority of adults who had their teeth straightened with Invisalign said that they felt more confident, that others perceived them as more successful and smarter, that it gave them a confidence boost, and that straighter teeth enabled them to perform an activity or social action they wouldn’t have otherwise.

How your loved one may see him- or herself

  • Starting out with a surprising one: Almost half of all American young adults ages 18-24 have untagged a photo of themselves on social media. Why? Because they hated their smile!
  • About 22% believe a more attractive smile would improve their chances at a romantic relationship.
  • Ah, confidence. It plays a major role in how we perceive ourselves and, as a result, how others perceive us. Confidence goes a long way in practically all areas of life. People who responded to a recent survey said that others perceive them as happier, more attractive, more successful, and smarter when they feel confident about their own appearance.

What your loved ones wish for

  • More than 25% of people avoid smiling because they don’t like the appearance of their teeth. Just think of the joy and relief they would feel if they could finally “get in the picture!” Family and holiday photos would take on another meaning.
  • People with nice, straight teeth SEE themselves as more successful, more attractive, more desirable à It all comes back to confidence! Want to make your son/daughter/husband/wife feel really good? Help them fix their teeth!
  • Young people, especially, seem to struggle with their appearance. More than a quarter of young adults feels like it would be easier to land a job if they had a better set of teeth. Now here’s an interesting idea to get your kiddo moving: invest in his or her smile!
  • Teeth vs. weight: The difference is negligible. 60% of Americans struggle with their weight and feel insecure about it. 57% (a VERY close runner-up!) feel insecure about their teeth. Would you help a loved one lose weight? How about helping him or her getting a smile that boosts their confidence?

Unfounded worries? Not so, studies say…

  • Men and women apparently agree: Unsightly teeth are a huge roadblock when it comes to choosing from possible romantic candidates. Brace yourself, because the next dude or gal with a straight set of teeth may catch the prize!
  • Here’s a whopper: More than 3/4 of Americans say that adults with crooked or bad teeth make an impression of being unsuccessful. How will that translate in a job interview? Putting on your best face is difficult enough when you try to land the job of your dreams or simply want to move ahead in your career. Unfortunately, an unsightly set of teeth can apparently cause major delays.
  • In fact, get this: 62% of folks believe that a missing or decayed tooth (and even bad breath!) can seriously put a person at a disadvantage in getting any job at all!
  • Another 60% are of the opinion that, at the very least, the promotion the boss has been promising won’t happen if “the look” doesn’t fit.
  • Survey respondents say that a person with a straight, pretty smile is nearly 60% more likely to be considered successful or wealthy. Fair? No. True? Unfortunately, yes. (We’re not making this stuff up – see sources below)
  • Getting back to the dating scene: Based on a simple profile photo alone, a person with a nice set of teeth is 57% more likely to get a response/date. Now, we know that looks aren’t everything…but does the object of your affection?
  • Apropos dating….4 in 10 people said that bad or crooked teeth are a reason to avoid a date with an interested candidate altogether.
  • In order to look happy, healthy and – yes – smart!… teeth matter – a lot, actually. Studies show that a good set of teeth makes a person 21% more likely to look happy; 47% more likely to look healthy; and 38% more likely to look like a smart fella or gal.
  • Stereotypes abound – it’s a sad but honest truth. Want to look trustworthy? Invest in your teeth (or, since it’s Christmas, those of a loved one)! A recent study reported that an incredible 3 out of 4 Americans feel that an attractive, good-looking smile makes a person more trustworthy than good employment, transportation, or clothing ever could!

The bottom line

People don’t think of a dentist visit as a go-to “gift”. But you know your loved ones, you know their struggles, and you know their deep desires. Perhaps it isn’t polite to talk about unsightly teeth in company – we get it. Maybe, if the timing is right, it’s a risk worth taking, however.

After all, you could change your loved one’s future.

So dental veneers, a dental implant, teeth whitening, or Invisalign treatments just might be the thing your loved one wishes for. A typical Christmas gift? Certainly not. But who wants to be typical?

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