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Ready to Google “Emergency Dentist Near Me”? Consider this…

Emergency DentistYou spent Friday night writhing in agony. Come Saturday morning, you’re ready to consult Google on where to find an “emergency dentist near me.” Sound familiar?

Most of us, at some point in our lives, experienced a dental emergency when we either accidentally injured or lost a tooth, or simply could no longer stand the pain caused by a tooth that’s been causing us trouble for some time.

In recent years, hospital and free-standing emergency rooms and urgent care clinics across the country have seen a significant uptick in patients with dental emergencies. As for Google…in 2018 the search traffic for “dentist open on Saturday near me” increased by an astonishing 50%.

If you live in the greater Houston area, we have good news: Summit Dental Center accepts dental emergencies daily, and even on Saturdays, at 7 locations throughout the Houston metro area (including Pasadena, TX).

But the question remains: What has prompted this staggering rise in dental emergencies?

Problem: Fear of the dentist

Let’s face it…few people enjoy their turn in the dentist chair. In fact, statistics show that most Americans will take a doctor visit – just about any doctor visit! – any day over a dentist appointment. For most, the dislike of the dentist chair is deeply rooted in fear. More than 60% of people are afraid of the dentist to some degree or another. The consequences? Delaying dental treatments, skipping checkups, and waiting until the discomfort becomes unbearable before seeing a dentist. Fear of the dentist doubtlessly contributes to panicked Google searches for “emergency dentist near me”, when even the most brave and stalwart cave in to the pain.

Problem: Finding quality, trusted dental care

For those who are afraid of the dentist, finding quality care and a dentist they trust seems nearly impossible. The deep-seated fear has (wrongly!) taught them that dentists cause pain – instead of relieving and preventing it. Not surprisingly, then, that most don’t have a dentist they see on a regular basis. So we jump from dentist to dentist as the emergencies occur, often in an after-hours frenzy to find pain relief.

But not only the dentist phobics search for “emergency dentist near me”. So do the accident victims. When a tooth gets knocked out during an away Little League game or in a work mishap, people want dental care fast, even if they find themselves in an unfamiliar part of town. That’s when Google becomes your best friend. Or does it?

The problem with spur-of-the-moment Google queries is that the results are merely names on digital “paper”, often arranged according from the highest ad bidder to the lowest. These search results do little in terms of finding a dentist you’ll like and trust. They’ll merely send you to the one(s) who invested the most in attracting your business. Worst case scenario? You’ll end up with a dentist who does little  to alleviate your fear of…well…the dentist. It’s like a box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get.

Problem: Insurance woes

Sometimes, dental insurance coverage – or the lack thereof – leaves patients frustrated with finding a quality provider they trust. Insurance networks typically dictate their subscribers’ options in dental care providers, and a single negative experience can lead to an endless revolving door in the search for a dentist the patient likes and who accepts their insurance plan at the same time. Once again, these patients find it difficult to settle on a primary dentist, and wait for an emergency to strike before they make a random pick in their time of desperation.

Problem: Time constraints

In a world where employees are often disposable and little more than a number, workers are leery of taking time off for dentist visits. After all, PTO must be saved for “true” medical emergencies, childcare issues, and much-needed vacations. As a result, dentist visits are often relegated to the bottom of the to-do list. Add a busy schedule of extracurricular school activities for the kids, daily errands, bedtime routines and dinner preparations, and you’ll have the perfect storm for a dental emergency just waiting to happen.

The rest of the story follows a familiar pattern: Unexpected dental emergency, a frantic Google search, and a highly stressful situation most of us would rather do without.

Before you google “emergency dentist near me”…

…we’d like to stress why having a primary dentist is an important tool in averting dental emergencies, and how Summit Dental Center can help!

Solution: Fear of the dentist

We operate under the motto of “No Pain, No Fear” dentistry. We offer a full range of sedation options to ensure you’ll sail through any and all procedures without discomfort or anxiety. Talk to your Summit Dental Center dentist about which sedation option is right for you. Consider laughing gas, oral sedation, and even general anesthesia for your next dental treatment. Get ahead of dental emergencies by taking care of your dental health now, before major issues can develop. You’ll never have to google “emergency dentist near me” again!

Solution: Finding quality, trusted dental care

The time to find a primary dentist is now – before an emergency strikes! Establish trust with a dentist ahead of time, before you (or a loved one) find yourself in a desperate situation. Begin by calling for a consultation – no threat, no scheduled treatment, just a getting-to-know-you atmosphere. Bring a friend if it helps. Listen to the dentist’s recommendations, but know you’re in control of your treatment plan.

Summit Dental Center operates 7 Houston-area locations, so no matter where you live, work, or play, there is a trusted Summit Dental Center dentist close-by. All of us work along the “No Pain, No Fear” policy, so you can rest assured that regardless of location, your comfort is our priority!

Solution: Insurance woes

If you have a dental problem, we’ll find a solution you’re on board with. It’s as simple as that.

We work with all PPO dental insurance providers to get you the care you need and deserve. We also accept Medicaid/CHIP and cash patients, because we believe that insurance or financial status should not play a role in the accessibility or availability of quality dental care.

Summit Dental Center also offers a variety of dental financing options for both elective and medically necessary treatments. Our affordable payment plans are available for practically any procedure, and no credit check will be performed. Look at it as our commitment to providing quality dental care to anyone who walks through our doors – period!

Solution: Time constraints

At Summit Dental Center, we understand it can be tough to find the time to schedule a dentist appointment. You have a job, a family, and commitments that won’t and shouldn’t budge. This is the main reason we open our doors to you on Saturdays, when most people have a bit more breathing room in their busy lives.

Summit Dental Center is here for you, as your primary AND emergency dentist. Call to schedule an appointment today!

Summit Dental Center Is Open For All Patients Experiencing Pain, Swelling or Other Urgent Needs. 
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