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Got a Toothache? Summit Dental Center Can Help!

Summit Dental Center is your Houston dentist for all things toothache. We will find the root of the problem quickly and reliably, and resolve the issue professionally and with “No Pain, No Fear.”

Toothache PainWhat Are Common Causes Of A Toothache?

There are many reasons a person may experience a toothache. Here are some of the most common culprits we see at our Summit Dental Center offices.

  • Decay: Cavities are by far the most common cause of tooth pain. They can be small and cause extraordinary discomfort, or very large yet go unnoticed for some time. Tooth decay is typically the result of bacterial accumulation that affects the tooth or teeth for an extended period. Harmful bacteria eat away at the tooth enamel and, if left untreated, can devour an entire tooth.
  • Abscess: One of the symptoms of a tooth abscess include a small puss-filled pimple on the gum line near the infected tooth. The condition can be extremely painful and we see many emergency appointments due to a tooth abscess. For some patients, the pain radiates to the ear or neck. In some cases, the puss pocket lies beneath the gums and cannot be easily identified by the patient. Injury to the affected tooth, gum disease, a foreign body stuck between teeth, or advanced decay are often the cause for an abscessed tooth.
  • Tooth fracture: Teeth can break by accident, as in contact sports, or as a result of advanced decay. Although most patients are aware of the cause of a fracture, it sometimes goes unnoticed at first and may even be undetectable until the dentist makes a diagnosis with the help of x-rays.
  • Damaged fillings: Old dental fillings, especially, may fall out or break. This leaves the tooth particularly vulnerable to bacterial intrusion, setting off a chain reaction of accelerated decay, abscess, and fracture.
  • Teeth grinding: Habitual teeth grinding can lead to fractured teeth and, as a result, pain in the broken tooth. It can also lead to pain in the jaw from continuous pressure on the jaw bone.
  • Infected gums: When gums become infected, either due to spreading tooth decay or a foreign body lodged between teeth and gums, patients may experience moderate to severe pain.

Toothaches can sometimes be difficult for the patient to isolate. At times, it is almost impossible to determine which tooth hurts, because the pain can radiate over an entire side of the face. It is important to see your dentist right away for any toothache that lasts longer than a day, or pain that increasingly gets worse or becomes severe. Early treatment is critical to the tooth’s survival and prevention of the potential spread of infection to other parts of the body.

When to call the dentist for a toothache?

The sooner you can see your Summit Dental Center dentist, the better. An already bothersome tooth, weakened by decay or fracture, can quickly turn into a very painful condition. Not only that, but the sooner your dentist can diagnose and correct the problem, the greater the likelihood of saving the tooth – and your wallet!

The following constitute dental emergencies that require a dentist’s attention right away:

  • A broken or fractured tooth: delayed treatment can result in accelerated decay
  • Any major infection, such as an abscess: infections of the mouth and teeth can rapidly spread to other parts of the body; antibiotics are necessary to resolve the infection and keep it from escalating

What are common treatments for toothache?

Sometimes a routine filling is all that’s needed to repair a mildly decayed tooth. Unfortunately, by the time moderate pain sets in, the tooth may require advanced treatment such as a root canal. In severe cases, the tooth may no longer be salvageable and extraction is indicated.

How do you prevent toothaches?

Most toothaches can be prevented! Your dentist’s job is to catch potential problems early on, before they can develop into major issues. This includes disorders that are invisible to the eye. Your Summit Dental Center dentist has the diagnostic tools (like x-rays) to spot decay and other oral diseases in its early stages, preventing dental problems from evolving and stopping them in their tracks.

The prevention of major dental issues and resulting toothaches is one of your dentist’s primary responsibilities. It is precisely why regular dental checkups are exceedingly important in averting oral health crises.

Why choose Summit Dental Center for Toothache Prevention and Treatment?

Summit Dental Center features state-of-the-art technology to assist in the diagnosing and treatment of dental issues. Our experienced dentists also make your comfort a priority as you undergo any and all procedures.

Here are some of the reasons Summit Dental Center is Houston’s top choice for quality, reliable, and convenient dental care:

  • 7 Houston-area locations, including Pasadena, TX
  • Full range of sedation options
  • Comprehensive care for the whole family (including pediatrics, endodontics, prosthodontists and more)
  • General dentists and specialists under one roof
  • Affordable dental financing is available
  • We work with all dental PPO insurance providers
  • Medicaid/CHIP accepted
  • Convenient Saturday appointments
  • Same-day appointments
  • Emergency appointments
  • Locally owned, privately operated

We welcome you to learn more about what Summit Dental Center can do for you! Come meet us before that pesky toothache has a chance to develop, and take advantage of our extraordinary diagnostic tools, excellent customer service, and highly trained dental staff.

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