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Invisalign At Summit Dental Center: Now Honestly……

Is Invisalign all they say it is?

Invisalign has been and is the latest rage in Orthodontics, being touted as “the new generation of braces,” and we at Summit Dental Center in Pasadena believe it truly is. Those stigmas of “metal mouth” or “train tacks” are now a thing of the past. Invisalign is a clear shaping device akin to a snug mouthguard designed for each individual, and applied every two weeks to an exact 3-D replica derived with client and Doctor. This is very useful in Orthodontics, because the patient can now see and determine the end goal first hand by customized shaping one’s bite structure to each unique face with their Physician. 

Summit Dental Center in Pasadena, Texas is happily taking consultations to see if Invisalign is right for you or your children.

We at Summit  pride ourselves in utilizing the latest in Orthodontic Technology and our state of the art Pasadena facility is equipped with “The Invisalign Touch” which we are proud to cater to our clients. Medicaid and CHIP insurance is also accepted along with many others.

After all, No one’s teeth are the same. Why should yours not be customized with Invisalign?