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Looking for a Dentist Who Accepts Medicaid?

Summit Dental Center Is Open For All Patients Experiencing Pain, Swelling or Other Urgent Needs. 
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Children's Medicaid at Summit Dental CenterIf you’re a mom to a teenager or young adult, you know just how challenging it can be to find a Houston dentist who accepts Medicaid. The teen years are vital when it comes to a developing personality and self-esteem. The very last thing your son or daughter needs is to feel embarrassed about the way their teeth look and feel.

Fortunately, Summit Dental Center can help. In 1999, we founded a network of Houston dentists who accept Medicaid (and CHIP) with the goal of making dental services accessible and affordable for everyone. Our mission is to provide high quality oral health care — something that can be very hard for families on Medicaid to find — to people of all ages and backgrounds.

What Does Medicaid Cover for Your Teen?

According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, plans like Dental Medicaid and CHIP must cover dental procedures that are medically necessary. They can include different categories of treatments, such as:

Diagnostic: This typically covers the clinical exam, x-rays (used to diagnose cavities, eruption patterns, tooth development, and disease) as well as any emergency exams.

Preventive: Routine preventive cleanings, protective sealants, and professional fluoride treatments are generally covered once every six months. Taking advantage of these services can help your son or daughter be less likely to develop tooth decay at a later age.

Restorative: Once a cavity has been diagnosed, or in the instance of a dental emergency, the area will need to be repaired to prevent the damage from affecting deeper parts of the tooth. Common restorative treatments are fillings and crowns (sometimes also referred to as “caps”).

Endodontic: This would be a nerve treatment such as a root canal or pulp therapy on a developing tooth. The treatment is meant to help preserve the tooth so that it does not need to be extracted due to nerve infection and/or death. After a root canal or pulpotomy, teeth also need to be restored with a crown (permanent or temporary, such as a stainless steel crown.)

We know that all these different categories can be confusing. Even treatments like braces or other types of orthodontic work may be included in your own or your child’s Medicaid/CHIP coverage. The best way to find out exactly what treatments will be covered for your teen is to schedule an exam with a Summit Dental Center dentist. We’ll walk you through exactly what we see and formulate an itemized treatment plan. Our insurance specialists are experienced in handling Medicaid and CHIP claims and will be able to assist you in determining which aspects of your treatment plan are eligible for coverage.

There are never any surprises or hidden costs…if a recommended treatment is not covered by your plan, we’ll inform you before treatment begins. 

What if We Need Treatment That Isn’t Covered by Medicaid?

You deserve choices. Sometimes, Medicaid won’t cover dental treatments beyond basic fillings and a cleaning. Let’s say that your teenage daughter has a front tooth that sticks out and makes her feel embarrassed. The best way to fix it would be with braces. Medicaid has strict guidelines on the type of orthodontics that they cover. If your plan doesn’t cover braces (or the type of braces you’d prefer), we can help!

At Summit Dental Center, we offer flexible payment programs so you can make low monthly payments on treatments that may not be covered by dental insurance, Medicaid, or CHIP.

  • No credit checks necessary. You’re approved on the spot — just ask us how!
  • Interest-free financing is available so you’ll never have to pay more than the actual value of your treatment
  • Start on treatment right away with no waiting periods
  • Affordable monthly payments that fit any budget

Our payment plans work for any treatment — from fillings and crowns to cosmetic smile makeovers or braces — so that you or your teen can get the care he or she needs and deserves. Our dentists don’t want financial barriers to interfere with anyone’s ability to feel confident about the appearance of their teeth. We continue to strive to provide affordable treatments to everyone under our care…especially those with Medicaid dental coverage.

When Should Your Teen See a Dentist?

The best way to help your teen keep their smile healthy is to schedule a checkup and cleaning every six months. These routine visits help us pinpoint issues as early as possible, so that they can either be reversed, offset with preventive measures, or treated at the initial stage before the problem worsens.

Summit Dental Center makes every effort to create a treatment plan that keeps your out-of-pocket costs to a minimum. We know you don’t want a surprise bill or unexpected expense that you didn’t have time to plan for. In the event that certain aspects of the treatment do not qualify for Medicaid coverage, we do our best to find alternative options or offer you easy financing solutions.

Whatever your teen’s smile has been through, he or she is welcome at Summit Dental Center in Houston. Let us know that you’re on Medicaid and bring a copy of your cards or paperwork at the time of your appointment. Our team of dentists will ensure the very best care for your child. Call us today!

Summit Dental Center Is Open For All Patients Experiencing Pain, Swelling or Other Urgent Needs. 
Our Patients Are Our First Concern And We Are Following All CDC And ADA Recommendations. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE