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Looking for a Houston dentist with payment plans?

Summit Dental Center Is Open For All Patients Experiencing Pain, Swelling or Other Urgent Needs. 
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Dentist With Payment PlansHaving a dentist with payment plans offers a number of benefits when it comes to affording critical treatments for your family as well as elective cosmetic dental procedures. At Summit Dental Center we offer a variety of dental financing options that fit every need and budget.

The cost of delaying recommended dental treatments

It’s a known fact: dental problems tend to progress from bad to worse when unattended to. A small cavity that could be remedied with a simple filling in the early stages doesn’t take long to turn into an abscessed tooth that requires a complicated root canal procedure to save it. When a root canal is recommended, but declined by the patient, odds are we will soon see you for a tooth extraction and, subsequently, a dental implant procedure or bridge to restore full chewing function.

Of course, a simple filling costs far less than a root canal or tooth restoration – whether you have good dental insurance or not. Consider, too, the pain and loss of productivity you may suffer from a decayed tooth as you delay needed treatment. That pain extends to your wallet when you find yourself spending your Christmas gift budget just to stop the pain in your mouth.

The rewards of getting the smile you want, when you want it

As important as great dental care is for the health of your teeth, sometimes it isn’t a critical procedure that makes our patients want to stretch their budget. Few of us are born with a movie star smile, yet most of us recognize that an even, sparkling set of teeth makes us look better and feel more confident. The positive effect of a healthy, beautiful smile on not only our self-esteem, but also on the way we are perceived by our employers, romantic partners, business associates, customers, and just about anyone we meet has been documented in numerous studies.

Many of our patients consider cosmetic procedures like dental implants, veneers, and teeth whitening an investment in themselves – their career, their social relationships, and their self-confidence.

The big catch

Of course, we all know there is a catch. In a perfect world, we all could simply get the healthy, gorgeous smile we desire. Unfortunately, dental insurance doesn’t always cover the entirety of needed treatments, and some cosmetic procedures typically aren’t covered at all. As a result, patients sometimes face out-of-pocket costs they simply cannot afford, leading to delayed dental care. So cavities turn into an abscessed teeth, career opportunities are lost, potential social relationships never get off the ground, and self-confidences crumble. You get the idea.

Smile now, pay later

At Summit Dental Center we understand that financial considerations play a major role in the health and appearance of our patients’ teeth. Yet, we firmly believe that everyone, regardless of insurance status or income level, deserves a strong, confident smile – including you!

In an effort to ensure that ALL our patients can afford the dental treatments they need and the smile they want, Summit Dental Center has dental financing options in place that allow you to take care of your teeth now, then pay for your procedure over time.

Best of all, the terms of our payment plans are very affordable, and you can even qualify for dental financing without a credit check.

Houston’s preferred dentist with payment plans

Summit Dental Center is Houston’s preferred dentist for several reasons:

  • With 7 area locations, we’re never far away.
  • Our extended evening and weekend hours make dentist visits easier on your schedule than ever.
  • A full range of sedation options helps you relax and ensures your comfort during any and all procedures.
  • And the fact that we house general dentists and specialists under one roof means you won’t have to run all over town to take care of your entire family’s oral health needs.

Add dental financing with payment plans to the mix and you get a comprehensive range of services that can’t be beat in quality, convenience and affordability.

How our dental financing works

Depending on the dental procedure you would like to finance, Summit Dental Center offers two types of payment plans.

In-house payment plan, no credit check required!

This option is available for financing up to $5,000 and requires no credit check. We can approve you on the spot, instantly, following your consultation with your dentist. One of our financing specialists will set you up with affordable, interest-free monthly payments that fit your budget.

All we need from you is some personal and employment information, as well as your intended method of repayment.

This option is great for small procedures that simply shouldn’t wait until after the holidays as well as larger procedures; for example:

  • Root canal
  • Dental implant(s)
  • Dental veneers

Third-party financing

For financing extensive dental work and full-mouth makeovers (all-on-4 dental implants, for example), we partner with trusted lenders to help you obtain the credit line you need. Third-party financing is available for amounts of $300 to $30,000, and the terms of the loan will be determined independently by the lender.

Ready. Set. Smile!

Your Summit Dental Center dentist with payment plans makes it easy to apply for dental financing. Simply click here to fill out a short application and get started, or call us at (713) 597-5170 to speak with a financing specialist.

Get ready to stay healthy, eat and speak with confidence, and smile big!

Summit Dental Center Is Open For All Patients Experiencing Pain, Swelling or Other Urgent Needs. 
Our Patients Are Our First Concern And We Are Following All CDC And ADA Recommendations. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE