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Medicaid and CHIPIn Texas, a new enrollment program for Medicaid and CHIP started toward the end of 2011 and ended on February 10, 2012. If your children were enrolled during that time, there should be a “Main Dentist” where they’ll receive their benefits. If you didn’t request one, a Main Dentist has been assigned to you through the program. That dentist will be where your children receive their benefits.

If you want to change your children’s Main Dentist to one at Summit Dental Center™, all you have to do is call the plan you were assigned to (MCNA or DentaQuest) at one of the phone numbers below. Then, provide them with our office’s name and number, and the name of who you’d like to be your new Main Dentist. This information can be accessed quickly by following the second set of instructions.

Call one of these toll-free numbers to switch Main Dentists:

  • DentaQuest – Medicaid: 800-516-0165
  • CHIP: 800-508-6775
  • MCNA – Medicaid or CHIP: 855-691-6262

In addition, if your child qualifies for Medicaid or CHIP and you have not yet enrolled them in the program, you’ll need to follow these three easy steps to enroll if you want to make a Summit Dental Center™ dentist your child’s main dentist:

1. Choose a Dental Plan: There are two plans available (MCNA and DentaQuest), and each includes the specific details with their enrollment forms. At Summit Dental Center™, we participate in both. You can receive your full benefits with us, regardless of which plan you select.

2. Select a Main Dentist: To begin, you must select one of our offices; For instance, our location at 3631 Spencer Hwy, Pasadena, TX. Next, choose the name of a dentist at your chosen office and provide the office’s phone number. When completing the enrollment forms, include this information in the provided space. If you’re just calling to switch Main Dentists, simply provide the pertinent information at that time. It’s important to remember that you can’t just tell them you wish to change to Summit Dental Center™. You’re required to provide a specific office and dentist. However, after you’ve switched over or enrolled, you can come to that office and see any dentist you wish. Here are two simple ways to locate a Summit Dental Center™ office, Main Dentist and phone number:

  • Find a Main Dentist on the Our Practice page: If you click the Our Practice link, you’ll see a list of our dentists. Choose a dentist’s name from the list and include it in your enrollment form under “Main Dentist”.
  • Locate a Main Dentist by calling or stopping by one of our Summit Dental Center™ offices.

3. Send your finished forms by mail, or enroll over the phone: After you’ve selected the Dental Plan and the name of your Main Dentist, you may either complete the forms and mail them, or use the information you gathered to enroll over the phone by calling one of these numbers:

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call any of our Summit Dental Center™ locations.

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