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Oral Surgery in Houston, TX

Houston-area residents turn to Summit Dental Center™ for Oral Surgery for procedures like dental implants and wisdom tooth extraction.

What Is Oral Surgery?

oral surgery in houstonAlso known as tooth extraction, dentists perform oral surgery when a patient suffers from a high level of pain caused by some type of trauma or damage. An impacted wisdom tooth, a tooth that causes pressure on a nerve, and an abscess on the gum may all lead to surgery.

Our Oral Surgery Procedures


Benefits of Oral Surgery

An inflamed tooth can leave you with so much pain that you can’t get out of bed, go to work, or accomplish anything at all. Oral surgery can reduce that pain to help get you up and at it again.

Other benefits include the following:

  • Less swelling or inflammation in your mouth
  • The end of headaches and earaches
  • A reduction in problems caused by tooth decay

How Is Oral Surgery Performed?

Tooth pain is one of the leading reasons behind emergency room visits in the United States. While your pain might not land you in the ER, it will certainly bring you to the dentist. The dentist will first look at your teeth and take some x-rays. If you have an abscess, which is a pocket of puss on your tooth, the doctor will need to drain that abscess first. Most dentists will use a numbing cream before using a needle to poke the abscess and let it drain. This ensures that you get through the drainage process with minimal discomfort.

When it’s time to have the tooth extracted, the doctor will apply a coating of numbing gel to the tooth and gum first. After ensuring the area is numb, the dentist will give you several shots to dull your senses. You can notify your doctor if you experience any pain during the procedure, and they will make adjustments. The dentist will then break the tooth into smaller fragments with a specialized tool, make an incision in the gum, and pull the tooth and its root out.

If you suffer from impacted wisdom teeth, the dentist might recommend that all four come out at the same time. If the teeth are still below the gum line, an oral surgeon will administer anesthesia that puts you to sleep or a local that lets you remain awake, but feel no pain. The surgeon will make a series of incisions in the gum to gain access to the tooth. As with other damaged teeth, the surgeon will first break the teeth before pulling out both the teeth and the roots.

Caring for Your Teeth

In most cases, a dental expert will place a small piece of gauze in your mouth to absorb any blood. You can remove this gauze within an hour of the surgery, but if you notice your mouth still bleeding, apply a fresh piece of gauze. You’ll find that eating is difficult to impossible in the hours after the procedure. Stick to soft foods, including pudding, soup that you let cool and yogurt. You need to avoid using straws and smoking for the first few days after your surgery as well. Pulling on cigarettes and straws can lead to a blood clot or a condition called dry socket.

How Much Does Oral Surgery Cost?

The cost that you’ll pay for oral surgery depends on your specific needs. Summit Dental Center™ offers its patients several ways to pay. Patients with insurance through Blue Cross Blue Shield, Humana, and other companies can use their insurance as payment, and the office accepts patients enrolled in government assistance programs. You can also pay using cash, check, credit card, sign up for a payment plan, or choose financing.

Why Choose Summit Dental Center™?

Known as a “great dentist for kids,” Summit Dental Center™ has a reputation for providing a family friendly atmosphere and positive dental experience

  • Use a gentle touch to help put nervous and fearful patients at ease
  • Bright and clean play area for children and gift bags – everyone loves gift bags!
  • Offers Clear Correct™ as an alternative to Invisalign®
  • Offers general sedation for pediatric patients
  • Quality care at affordable rates
  • 7 convenient locations with flexible evening and weekend hours

What to Expect During Your Consultation

  • All new patients receive a $25 initial consultation
  • Your initial visit consists of x-rays, examination, and consultation
  • Treatment options are discussed before any service is performed
  • We make quality dental care easy and affordable

With seven convenient locations throughout the Houston area, we offer both extended and weekend hours to our patients. We are dedicated to providing quality dental service, so please contact us today to schedule your appointment and ask about our free consultations!

Summit Dental Center Is Open For All Patients Experiencing Pain, Swelling or Other Urgent Needs. 
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