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Pediatric Dental Checkup

Summit Dental Center: Your Trusted Source for Pediatric Dental Checkups

Pediatric Dental CheckupRegular pediatric dental checkups are as important for toddlers as they are for your teen. Unfortunately, unlike regular school physicals and child well-visits to the doctor’s office, children’s dental health tends to be overlooked amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy family life.

Summit Dental Center makes it easy to fit pediatric dental checkups into your hectic schedule of school, work, and extracurricular activities. More importantly, we take pride in providing the top quality dental services our youngest patients deserve in a warm, caring environment.

Who Needs Pediatric Dental Checkups?

In short, children of all ages benefit from regular dentist visits. We recommend that the first pediatric dental checkup happens as soon as your baby’s first tooth appears, around age 6 months. Introducing dentist visits at an early age sets the stage for a lifetime of happy, healthy smiles, teaching good oral hygiene at age-appropriate intervals that contribute to a lifelong habit of diligent brushing and flossing. Plus, the sooner your child learns there is nothing to fear, the greater the likelihood that he or she will continue getting preventive checkups — and address potential dental health problems quickly — into adulthood.

As your baby grows into a toddler and preschooler, your Summit Dental Center dentist monitors the development of your child’s jaw and watches for signs of trouble as he or she progresses through the stages of baby tooth growth.

By the time your son or daughter enters 1st or 2nd grade, around ages 6-7, the first permanent teeth usually appear. This is a crucial period in your child’s dental development, and your Summit Dental Center pediatric dentist will pay more attention to your child’s jaw than ever to ensure there is enough room for the permanent teeth to erupt unhindered. In the event your dentist detects a problem, quick intervention can prevent issues like overcrowding from becoming worse and maximize your child’s chances of growing into a straight and even row of teeth.

Once all baby teeth have been replaced by healthy permanent teeth, the focus shifts to maintaining that healthy smile. Regular pediatric dental checkups help in the early detection of cavities before they develop into more serious problems.

And then, the teen years. This stage in a child’s life can be difficult as it is, but chances are your son or daughter’s teeth will need attention during this time as well. Wisdom teeth like to rear their heads around age 17, and in many cases removal is indicated. Wisdom tooth extraction addresses any pain your child may experience from impacted growth, as well as potential teeth crowding that can push other teeth out of alignment.

What Happens During a Pediatric Dental Checkup?

Pediatric dental checkups are much the same as adult dental checkups, with special attention being paid to the child’s age and, accordingly, any concerns related to the developmental stages discussed above. Plus, of course, Summit Dental Center pediatric dentists use an extra-gentle approach when treating young patients.

Things to expect during a pediatric dental checkup include:

For babies 1 year and younger

  • Visual examination of the child’s mouth
  • Gentle manual palpitation of the gums
  • Careful cleaning of any teeth that may be present with a soft cloth or toothbrush
  • Evaluation of possible adverse effects of pacifier use and/or thumb sucking
  • Parent education regarding oral hygiene
  • Assessment of proper fluoride intake through food/drink as well as dental hygiene products

For older children

  • Xrays to detect cavities
  • Treatment of tooth decay, if present
  • Evaluation of bite, addressing overbite or underbite issues
  • Application of sealants to protect your child’s teeth
  • Parent education regarding oral hygiene, and the use of mouth guards for sports
  • Recommendation of braces or clear aligners as needed
  • Discussion regarding wisdom teeth removal

No Pain, No Fear Pediatric Dental Checkups

At Summit Dental Center, it is our priority to make pediatric dental checkups a positive experience for every child at every visit. Our pediatric dentists are warm, caring dentists who speak at an age-appropriate level that allows your son or daughter to take ownership in their dental health and participate in the conversation about treatment and hygiene concerns.

In an effort to ensure your child is relaxed and free of anxiety or discomfort during his or her pediatric dental checkup, we offer sedation options as needed or requested by parents. If your child is afraid of the dentist, please speak to your Summit Dental Center pediatric dentists about possible sedation options for your son or daughter.

We strongly believe that positive dentist visits from childhood on are the key to a healthy mouth in adulthood!

Flexible Pediatric Dental Checkup Appointments

As important as pediatric dental checkup appointments are, we recognize that getting an appointment that actually fits your busy family life can be challenging. That’s why Summit Dental Center offers extended evening and Saturday appointments. There is no need for you to miss out on work, for your child to miss school, or for either of you to miss out on fun family activities or sports commitments!

Location, Location, Location

With seven convenient locations throughout the Houston area, a Summit Dental Center pediatric dentist is never far away. No matter where you live, work, play, or worship, we have a location nearby. Check our map to see where you can find us!

Comprehensive Dental Care for the Entire Family

At Summit Dental Center, you’ll find a dental specialist for every family member under one roof! The days of driving all over town to meet the whole family’s dental health care needs are over.

  • Pediatric dentists for your young child
  • Invisalign specialists for your teen
  • Teeth whitening specialists for mom
  • Dental implant specialists for dad
  • General dentists for everyone!

Summit Dental Center makes it easy for every family member to receive the top quality dental care they deserve.

Join the Summit Dental Center family by scheduling a pediatric dental checkup at 713-425-0450 today!

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