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In a Pinch: Is Your Dentist Open Saturdays?

Open SaturdaysIf you’re searching for a new family dentist in Houston, one of the first things you’ll probably look for is who has extended office hours and is open on the weekends. At Summit Dental Center, we’re open Saturdays because it provides better flexibility for both our patients and staff.

Maybe you’ve always gone to a dentist with traditional 9-5 office hours, but choosing a Houston dental office that’s open on Saturdays or late during the week will give you a ton of benefits.

Same Day Emergency Care

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why you need a dentist open on Saturdays is for when an emergency happens. Like that time you were out at dinner with friends and chipped a tooth, or when you had a crown fall out while you were eating brunch on your back porch.

In instances that call for immediate dental care, a Houston dentist that’s open on Saturdays will be best equipped to handle your same-day treatment.

At Summit Dental Center, we recommend calling us right away to let us know the current status of your needs. Since we’re here on the weekend, you’ll get to speak with a real person, or if you’re calling after office hours, someone will be in touch soon after.

Once we know what’s going on and can make proper recommendations, we’ll be able to give you the answers you need. In most cases, we’ll want to have you come straight to our office — even on Saturdays — so that we can tend to the urgent situation at hand.

Less Time Off Work

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Seeing a dentist who’s open Saturdays means that you don’t have to take off or use up your vacation leave to finally get that filling or schedule your next dental cleaning. But if Saturdays are a day you work, our extended evening hours can easily accommodate your schedule during the week.

Plus, when you’re not using vacation or sick leave, you’re able to put more money back into your pocket and save your leave for when you really need it. Completing your dental treatment in your own personal time means you’re not taking extra money out of your paycheck for unnecessary time off. And what if your boss won’t let you take off to see the dentist, or it’s impossible for you to get off because of the demands of your job? That’s ok…Summit Dental Center has you covered! 

More Time with Your Family 

Life is busy enough as it is. Between bringing your daughter to dance lessons, your son to T-ball, and being sure you make it to your yoga session on time, the minutes in the day whiz by before you know it.

But your family still needs dental care, and the back-and-forth can add extra time that eats away at your schedule. That’s why Summit Dental Center in Houston has expanded weekly and weekend hours, where we make it possible to bring your family with you for appointments on the same day. Is Saturday the best day for you? Great! Thursday? Monday? Those are fine too! Flexible office hours mean it’s possible to make dentistry a family affair without having to hire a sitter or skip out on your planned activities. 

A Dentist That Takes Your Insurance

Has it ever been a challenge to find a dentist who takes your insurance and is accepting new patients? Maybe the office has new patient openings, but they’re at times too inconvenient for you to make. Because first time visits tend to last longer (being that they require a comprehensive exam, consultation, X-rays, etc.) it can be a challenge to get in to the dentists on your plan.

Because Summit Dental Center in Houston is open on Saturdays, we’re able to see more patients at a variety of times, from all different insurance plans. Plus, our treatment coordinators work closely with your carrier to help you maximize coverage on the benefits you’re entitled to. In fact, we work with all dental PPO plans as well as Medicaid/CHIP and self-pay patients! 

Access to Specialist Care 

Traditional family practices are usually run by one or two general dentists, but when a specialized procedure is needed (like a root canal or wisdom tooth extraction) they have to arrange for a specialist to come in one day a month, or refer their patient elsewhere.

Fortunately, Summit Dental Center has board-certified dental specialists on staff, so we’re able to provide expanded services outside of traditional M-F workdays. So now there’s no reason why you can’t finally get that toothache addressed, since you have all weekend to rest up. Between our network of Houston locations and on-staff experts, you’ll always be able to get the care you deserve.

Sedation Dentistry on the Weekends

When you need to have a longer procedure or combine multiple treatments into one appointment — and get sedation for it — you can usually plan to take the entire day off as well as the next to recover. But scheduling a sedation appointment on a Saturday means that you’ll have all of Sunday to take it easy and feel back to normal before going back to work or school the following Monday morning.

Putting treatment off because you’re not able to get into the dentist on a work day can quickly allow common oral problems to evolve into more complex dental infections. Now that you can have your sedation treatment on the weekend, you’ll be able to finally get all of the dental treatment or elective cosmetic procedures completed on the same day!

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