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Restorative Dentistry and Bridges in Houston

There are many reasons a patient may require a bridge, which is a dental appliance used to fill the space of missing teeth.  Some of these reasons include loss of teeth due to dental disease or a traumatic injury where the impacted teeth could not be saved.  Bridges can be crafted as removable dental appliances (kind of like a retainer) or a permanent implant.  Even though you may have been without a tooth or group of teeth for quite a while, there are important reasons to see your Summit Dental Center dentist for restorative dentistry.  Perhaps the most important reason is to aid you with eating, help retain the shape of your face, assist with speaking, prevent malocclusion (problem with your bite), prevent the surrounding teeth from shifting out of their correct position, and also to improve your smile.  There are several types of bridges, and your Summit Dental Center dentist will carefully evaluate your mouth and medical history to determine the best option for you.  A traditional bridge is widely used, and it is made of porcelain that is fused to metal.  The bridge attaches to two crowned teeth that anchor the bridge in place.  Dental bridges are incredibly durable devices, but they do occasionally require minor repair and adjustments.  Having a bridge designed and placed usually takes about two dental visits, but at Summit Dental Center we offer many convenient appointment times to accommodate patients and