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Summit Dental Center Braeswood8550 S. Braeswood
Houston, TX 77071

Ph: 713-778-0999
Fax: 713-490-6755

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Monday – Thursday
Open 11:00am Last Patient Scheduled 5:00pm
 (Office Closes at 6:00pm)
9:00am – Last Patient Scheduled 4:00pm
 (Office Closes at 5:00pm)
9:00am – Last Patient Scheduled 1:30pm
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We are located on the corner of South Braeswood and South Gessner. Our office is across the street from a Pawn Shop, next to Lotus Seafood Market and a Dry Cleaners.

Choosing a dentist in Southwest Houston, Texas, to care for you and your family’s oral health needs is one of the hardest decisions you may make. We want to help you make the decision by achieving your expectations for comprehensive, quality-oriented dental care.

We provide multidisciplinary treatment in Southwest Houston and nearby areas of Texas. Our practice is unique because we offer multidisciplinary dental care for all of your and your family’s oral health needs. Our top priority is performing quality dental services while ensuring that you are comfortable.

There have been dramatic changes across the industry in recent years. We can achieve significant results with the new techniques and materials that have been developed. Our team of professionals are trained alongside highly qualified specialists. They are committed to giving you the best treatment and guidelines for maintaining a healthy mouth and teeth. The team is trained in all fields of the dental industry, so we offer a comprehensive selection of dental care services, in Houston.


  • Dr. Chasity Henderson (DDS)
  • Dr. David Huang (DDS)
  • Dr. Emerico Gomez Jr. (DDS)
  • Dr. Rejirosan Thomas (DDS)
  • Dr. Samer Dar (DDS)
  • Dr. Sarfraz Verjee (DDS)
  • Dr. Tina Jalali (DMD)
  • Dr. Rickie Nguyen (DDS)