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Summit Dental Center: Your Medicaid Dentist in Houston

Summit Dental Center - Medicaid DentistThe insurance situation in the United States has become more and more confusing over the last 20 years. Employers used to be able to pay for most of the insurance they offered, allowing their employees to reap the most from the benefit. In today’s market, this is impossible; people may be able to set aside funds for the medical insurance they need, but not dental insurance, or not for every member of the family.

For many families, the only insurance they are able to acquire is Medicaid through the State of Texas. While state and federal-run insurance programs may have a negative reputation for some things, the reality is that for most people, they are great programs that fill a need.

Did you know that Medicaid also extends to dental care? Both young adults and children with Medicaid are able to get quality oral health care through providers that accept the government insurance programs. If you’re afraid you’ll sacrifice quality of care to find a dentist that accepts your Medicaid or CHIP, you are in luck. In the Houston area, Summit Dental Center is known for providing excellent family and child dental care… and we accept Medicaid!

Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body.

Regular dental care is a major component of comprehensive health care. The diseases and conditions that affect a child’s mouth can have an effect on their entire well-being. If their teeth are decaying, that bacteria can live and breed under the gums, causing dental disease that is connected to diabetes, heart disease, and even fertility issues later in life. Poor alignment or teeth that aren’t coming in could be a factor in malnourishment.

Since a healthy mouth is a predictor for a healthy body, the Texas CHIP (children’s health insurance program) includes comprehensive dental care with our Medicaid dentist for children and young adults through age 21.

What this means for you and your kids is that you don’t have to skip your family’s 6-month dental checkup appointments. Get their teeth cleaned, examined, and x-rayed by our caring dentists and hygienists.

Did we find a cavity in your daughter’s baby teeth? CHIP allows you to get it filled to keep all her teeth healthy. Did your son fall during soccer and knock out or break his permanent front teeth? Emergencies and permanent restorations are covered, too, so you won’t have to worry. Treatments like crowns and same-day appointments (even in the evening and on weekends!) are exactly what you need for pain relief. His smile will continue to be healthy and beautiful, just like it was before.

But Won’t I Have To File All the Claims?

With Summit Dental Center as your Medicaid dentist, you don’t have to worry about filing claims. We have been working with Medicaid and CHIP for more than 20 years and know all the ins and outs of filing your dental claims and saving you money.

You can relax knowing that your child will receive state-of-the-art, top-of-the-line dental care from a friendly, gentle dental staff in a pleasant environment. We do everything possible to make sure that going to the dentist is a positive experience for every patient we serve, so that your children will want to continue caring for their teeth as they grow up and leave home. Even when you have Medicaid or CHIP, you can provide a great foundation for your kids to have excellent dental care habits for the rest of their lives.

Specialty Treatments Offered

You might be thinking about extra measures the dentist can take to promote a healthy smile: fluoride treatments, sealants, and braces, to name a few. There is good news for Medicaid and CHIP participants here, too. If we find one (or more) of those “extra” treatments medically necessary, it may be covered. Plus, we have specialists like pediatric dentists and oral surgeons on site, so there’s no need to be referred elsewhere.

Does your child show risk factors for tooth decay? Fluoride treatments will be covered. If they need an extra layer of protection, we can apply sealants that keep plaque and bacteria away from cavity-prone teeth.

Even braces could be a medically necessary item under the right circumstances! When the teeth are crooked, overlapping, or spaced poorly, they lead to bite problems or tooth decay. They could even increase the risk of major issues like periodontal disease or temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ/TMD).

Specialty dental treatments like oral surgery (for wisdom teeth) or endodontics (root canals and restorations) are available for CHIP participants! Affordability should never be the determining factor when your child is covered by the state insurance, and you won’t have to make decisions about whether to feed your family or take care of your son’s painful tooth.

If you have questions about Medicaid-approved dental treatments, and if or when they could be considered necessary for your son’s or daughter’s dental health, talk us at your next appointment. Your Summit Dental Center dentist will be happy to take the time to explain the best ways to keep your family’s smiles healthy.

“CHIP’d” Teeth

 Having state or federal insurance for your child is more beneficial than you realize.  Not only can they receive all their necessary dental care, but with Summit Dental Center, you can rest easy knowing the care is coming from the best Medicaid dentists at a remarkable facility.

Here at Summit, kids love us and we know you will, too! Switching is as easy as calling 713-425-0450 to schedule their next appointment. We’re happy to get you, your child, teen, or young adult set up for their next appointment. Now is a good time to take the next step to establish good healthy habits for your kids. Call our Houston offices today – your new dental home is waiting!