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The Top 6 Things to Know About Invisalign

invisalign patientFor over 20 years, Invisalign has been the leader in clear braces for adults and teens. But even though it’s been around for so long, there are still misconceptions about the treatment and what it entails. At Summit Dental Center we know the difference that Invisalign can make for our patients, and that’s why we believe everyone considering translucent orthodontics should know these six key characteristics about clear, removable Invisalign braces.

Yes, it Really is “Invisible” 

Each Invisalign aligner is made of transparent, BPA-free materials that allow your natural tooth color to shine through. When you wear these clear orthodontic appliances over your teeth, they won’t be noticeable to other people during everyday conversations; unless they’re purposely looking from a few inches away, Invisalign is practically invisible. Keeping your aligners clean is the best way to ensure they don’t develop any unsightly residue before it’s time to change them out with the next set. 

You’re Never “Too Old” to Start Treatment 

Invisalign is great for adults, working professionals, and retirees. The truth is that it’s never “too late” to finally have a straighter and properly aligned smile. Invisalign can help you get there. It’s not uncommon for someone in their 60s or 70s to request an Invisalign consultation to learn more about if they qualify and the process involved.

In fact, Invisalign was initially designed for adults, many of whom had braces growing up but for one reason or another experienced a relapse in tooth movement over time. It’s also ideal for first-time orthodontic patients who never had access to braces when they were growing up. 

It Has Little to No Impact on Your Diet 

Traditional braces patients know the toll when it comes to modifying their dietary habits during treatment. Everything from the size of the bite of food they’re taking to textures that have to be avoided come into play. You may even have to give up some of your favorite foods if you’re in fixed orthodontics, such as corn on the cob, whole apples, French bread, caramel, or nuts.

Fortunately, that’s not the case with Invisalign; you can eat practically anything you want. Invisalign patients should remove their trays during meals, so there’s no risk of the aligner cracking or wearing out. Just be sure to rinse your mouth thoroughly (if brushing isn’t an option) before you put your trays back in, to limit trapping food or bacteria against your teeth during the day. The freedom to eat what you want is likely one of the biggest advantages of choosing Invisalign treatment. 

You’ll Spend Less Time at the Dentist’s Office 

With metal brackets and wires, you’ll have to have them adjusted at routine intervals in order to move your teeth into alignment. This means longer trips to the dentist and sometimes uncomfortable soreness that lingers afterwards.

Houston Invisalign patients at Summit Dental Center get to take their aligners home with them, changing them out as prescribed so that their teeth straighten themselves in the comfort of your own home. We’ll check them at intermittent times to ensure you’re progressing as you should and to send the next several sets of aligners home with you to continue treatment.

Since Invisalign aligners are worn for two weeks at a time, we can send you home with a few sets at once. Just be sure to change them out as directed, as changing the frequency can interfere with the overall length of your treatment (even if you change them out too soon). 

It’s More Affordable Than You Think 

When Invisalign first came out, it cost as much as 50-100% more than traditional braces. But that’s not the case anymore! As technology has advanced and more resources have become available, the cost of Invisalign has come down significantly. Most of our Houston patients can expect to pay around the same amount — or only slightly more — for Invisalign that they do for conventional orthodontic therapy.

The total cost of Invisalign can greatly depend on the extent of treatment needed (such as minor tooth alignment over the span of six months or more comprehensive therapy lasting up to two years) and your dental insurance benefits. During your consultation, our financial coordinators will verify your coverage and provide you with an estimate breakdown so that you have a good idea as to how much everything will cost before you ever decide to start treatment.

To ensure that Invisalign fits into your budget, flexible financing and monthly payment options are available. You can get started on your treatment right away; just ask us how! 

It Can Help You Have Healthier Teeth and Gums

There’s something to be said about the oral health benefits of having straighter teeth. For example, a properly aligned bite is significantly less likely to suffer from the following conditions, when compared to teeth that are crowded and misaligned:

  • TMJ Disorder
  • Abnormal Tooth Wear
  • Broken, Chipped Teeth and Dental Work
  • Periodontal (Gum) Disease
  • Tooth Decay

By investing in Invisalign, you’re also taking steps towards improving your dental health and reducing your chance of common oral concerns later on. It’s also a great choice to make if you’ve had ongoing dental problems and want to lower your chance of recurrent treatments in the future.

Who knew that a beautiful smile could be such a great investment?

Do You Qualify?

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