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Where can I find quality dental implants near me?

Dental Implants Near MeIf you’ve ever been even remotely interested in dental implants, odds are you’ve googled “dental implants” near me. Chances are, also, that the long list of results didn’t help at all and put you right back where you started – in search of a top-rated, yet affordable, dental implant specialist in your area.

Dental implants are big business in Texas and around the country, so it’s no wonder that just about any dentist’s office wants a piece of that particular, lucrative pie. Unfortunately, a simple Google search for “dental implants near me” won’t tell you much about the dental implant providers listed in the search results. Unless you click on each provider’s website, you’ll learn little more than the provider’s name from the list provided. In addition, the top slots of Google search results are always occupied by paid advertisements, which may indicate the provider has deep marketing pockets but little else.

Did you know that any general dentist is allowed to provide dental implants by law? That means no specialization or additional education is required. The question is, however, whether this is the person you really want to chose for a dental implant procedure.

How to sift through “dental implants near me” search results for the perfect match

  • Ads serve a purpose, but try to do some simple homework on the paid-for attention-getters by scrolling down a bit on the search results page — past the mapped locations, even – and check out organic search results (the ones that aren’t paid for!). See any 4 or 5 star ratings there? You may have a winner! Low star rating or none at all? Move along. This should narrow down your choices from the get-go.
  • If location is highly important to you, take a look at the mapped results. There, you will find providers located close to your current location. If you’re not satisfied with the options displayed, and finding a quality dental implants provider is worth a couple extra miles to you, modifying your search to “dental implants Houston” could be beneficial.
  • Chances are you’re looking for a bit more than simply “dental implants near me”. Do you need dental financing options? Is pricing a concern? Are you looking for a full smile makeover? Is quality of utmost importance? Try a search like “dental implants financing Houston” or “quality dental implants near me”. Once again, look a bit past the paid ads and scroll down to the organic search results, as they often tell a more accurate story about a dental office’s reputation for quality, service, and expertise. And don’t forget to look for star ratings!

A quick note about “cheap” dental implants: You’ve heard the sayings “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is” or “You get what you pay for”. These old wisdoms certainly apply to dental implants. Quality materials and expert installation rarely come at rock-bottom dollar, so be careful who you do business with and research your provider beforehand to avoid bad surprises.

  • Is the dental implant provider experienced?
  • Does the provider have dental surgeons on staff that specialize in dental implants?
  • Does the provider offer financing options and, if so, is high interest where you “pay the price”?

Summit Dental Center: Your search for “dental implants near me” stops here!

Odds are, your Google search for “dental implants near me” will lead you to Summit Dental Center anyway, but since you’re already here…

There are lots of reasons for choosing Summit Dental Center for dental implants. Here are our favorites:

  • “Near me”: With 7 locations in the greater Houston area, there is a Summit Dental Center just around the corner no matter where you are.
  • Your dental implant experts: We are a full=service dentistry provider with highly-trained dental implant specialists on staff, including experienced oral surgeons and prosthodontists. Ask us about All-on-4 dental implants and Same-Day dental implants! We use quality materials as well as the latest procedures and techniques to help ensure that your dental implants will last a lifetime.
  • …and beyond: Better yet, after your dental implant procedure you can count on us for top quality follow-up care, preventive visits, and dental health services for the entire family – all under one roof! From pediatric dentists to endodontists and cosmetic dentistry specialists, Summit Dental Center has you covered!
  • Dental financing available: We offer affordable payment plans to help you smile now, and pay later. No credit check required!
  • Privately-owned, locally-run: Enjoy the convenience of a multi-location dental office without the impersonal conveyer-belt treatment often found in big, corporate-run dentist mills. Integrity, quality, accessibility, and customer satisfaction are the cornerstones of our business philosophy.

Of the many providers listed in the search results for “dental implants near me”, Summit Dental Center deserves your click! Schedule a consultation today by calling 713-425-0450!