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You’d Never Know These Popular Celebrities Had Dental Implants

Celebrity Dental ImplantsThe great thing about getting dental implants is that no one else ever has to know you’ve replaced your natural teeth. Today’s modern implants look and feel closer to a natural smile than any other type of dental prosthesis on the market.

Dental accidents and injuries happen to everyone. Even celebrities find themselves in situations of having to replace a missing tooth from time to time. If you’re still not convinced that other people won’t be able to tell you’ve gotten dental implants, take a peek at these popular celebrities who have invested in the same treatment for themselves.

Ed Helms 

His scene in The Hangover wasn’t just good CG or makeup action at work, he was actually staring back at himself in the mirror looking at his own missing tooth.

It turns out that Helms (35 at the time of the movie) had actually gotten a dental implant when he was 16. But unlike his set-in-Las Vegas movie, he didn’t lose his tooth to anything exciting or because of a drunken stupor; he was actually born without it.

When it was time to shoot the movie, makeup tried blacking out his healthy tooth (or implant, rather.) But it didn’t work. Instead, Helms’ dentist paired up with the crew and actually removed the crown on top of the implant, so that the scene got the full effect that directors were after.

Christie Brinkley

She’s been on the cover of Sports Illustrated and over 500 different magazines throughout her career. But when a helicopter crash caused her to fracture two of her back teeth, the molars had to be extracted.

Brinkley’s dentist likely explained how just a couple of missing teeth at the back of her mouth could change her facial profile (allowing the cheeks to “sink” in) and complicate the alignment of the opposing teeth that are used to chew with.

She made the choice to replace both of her missing teeth with permanent dental implants. When asked about her treatment, she replied, “I am grateful for the dental implant technology that feels and looks so natural.”

Because of Brinkley’s career, she had to make a restorative choice that guaranteed a positive aesthetic outcome. With dental implants, she had the confidence of a treatment that would look beautiful and enhance her oral health at the same time.

Tiger Woods

It’s common to lose teeth because of athletic injuries. Anything from a weird fall on the trampoline to an elbow in the mouth during a basketball game can be to blame. Tiger Woods may not have lost his tooth during a round of golf, but he was at a sporting event when it happened. Long story short, a cameraman turned and clipped Woods in the mouth while filming a skiing event that Woods was attending with his then-girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn.

The hit was so hard that it caused Woods to lose his tooth altogether. Instead of repairing it by attempting to set it back into place, he found a great dentist to put in a dental implant. Now, he has a great permanent restoration that is likely to last for the rest of his life.

What to do When You Knock Out a Tooth 

Most people get dental implants because of an injury, accident, or condition such as periodontal disease. If you’ve accidentally knocked out a tooth, try to bring it to our office immediately. Although dental implants are a great treatment, the first option should almost always be preserving your natural tooth.

Before you get to our office, make sure your tooth is stored securely in a sealed container that’s filled with contact solution or milk. If you’re careful, you can also tuck it inside of your cheek to keep it coated in saliva. It is extremely important to keep the tooth wet.

If we can see you within the hour, it may be possible to reinsert your tooth back into place. But if it’s too damaged or won’t “take,” you’ll need to replace it in a timely manner…not just for aesthetic purposes, but to also prevent your other teeth from shifting out of alignment. Fortunately, implants almost always offer the best results.

Why Dental Implants Make Such Great Tooth Replacements 

When it comes to replacing your missing teeth, you need a solution that fits comfortably and functions as close to your natural tooth as possible. Implants surpass all other types of tooth replacements in modern dentistry. Their streamlined design doesn’t just mimic the shape of natural teeth…it’s even stronger than the original!

In fact, it’s possible to replace multiple teeth at one time with just a few implants. By pairing them together, our Houston implant dentists can anchor longer porcelain bridges and eliminate the need for partial dentures. As few as four implants can support an entire full arch hybrid denture or removable overdenture. This procedure is called All-On-Four dental implants. 

Implants Aren’t Just for Celebrities

You may be thinking that if celebrities opt for implants, the price tag must be out of your budget. Not so. At Summit Dental Center, we encourage patients to invest in implants because these restorations can outlast any other type of treatment in modern dentistry. Your investment is one that is actually more cost-effective over time.

Contact Summit Dental Center in Houston to find out if you’re a candidate for dental implant treatment. Implants work for single missing teeth or to restore an entire arch in lieu of wearing dentures. Call us today to learn more!