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Houston DentistWe’re excited about Summit Dental Center, and so are our patients. In case you haven’t met us, here is a list of the top 6 reasons you should make Summit Dental Center your Houston dentist!

1.      Comprehensive Care for the Whole Family

Shuttling the kids to and from school and extracurricular activities, doing the grocery shopping, and running errands day in and day out have your schedule bursting at the seams. It’s really not altogether surprising that keeping dentist appointments sometimes takes a backseat to everyday family business, especially if it means multiple appointments for multiple family members who must visit different specialists in different locations.

Summit Dental Center is here to take at least one worry off your plate by offering comprehensive dental care for every family member in your troop. Here, you’ll find general dentists in the same building as specialists, which saves you a trip or two and, most importantly, a whole lot of time!

Come see us at Summit Dental Center if you need a

  • General dentist
  • Pediatric dentist for kids
  • Cosmetic dentist for dental veneers and teeth whitening
  • Dental implant dentist (prosthodontist)
  • Endodontist for root canals
  • Invisalign dentist
  • Oral surgeon for tooth extractions
  • Denture dentist

You’ll find these and other specialists under one roof at Summit Dental Center.

2.      Location, Location, Location (x7)

No matter where you are in the Houston area, there is a Summit Dental Center nearby! This means you’ll never have to drive far to receive top quality dental care. Visit your Houston dentist near your home, stop by for a cleaning during your lunch break at a location near your work, or find us near the ball field where your kid had a tooth knocked out by a stray baseball.

Choose from 7 convenient, easily accessible Summit Dental Center locations throughout Houston, including an office in Pasadena, TX. Find us on a map here.

3.      No Pain, No Fear

Dental anxiety and dental phobia are real. As many as 1 in 5 Americans are afraid of the dentist and procrastinate on dental care for that very reason. Unfortunately, delaying regular checkups and dental treatment tends to exacerbate cavities, gum disease and other dental ailments, quickly turning a minor concern into a major problem.

One of the main reasons some patients are afraid of the dentist is pain. Perhaps they had a bad experience in the dentist’s chair during childhood, or maybe the sights and sounds of a dentist’s tools are enough for them to conjure up images of a modern torture chamber. Regardless of the root of our patients’ dental anxiety or dental phobia, our Summit Dental Center dentists are experts at putting minds at ease and keeping discomfort negligible.

At Summit Dental Center we understand that dreading the dentist can have a profound and long-lasting negative effect on your dental health. As your Houston dentist, we are committed to practicing “No Pain, No Fear” dentistry, meaning we make our patients’ comfort a top priority. We do this by offering a full menu of sedation options, ranging from mild laughing gas to oral sedation (administered in pill form), all the way to general anesthesia.

If you’re afraid of the dentist, give us a chance to show you an anxiety and pain-free experience! Let us know about your dental anxiety or phobia and your Summit Dental Center dentist will help determine the sedation option that’s right for you.

4.      Your Houston Dentist Staff

Seriously, we love our staff and our patients do, too. From the helpful receptionist and the knowledgeable dental hygienist, to the talented dental assistant and highly-trained dentist, you’ll feel the Summit Dental Center difference the moment you walk through our doors.  More than being experts in their respective crafts, our team members are kind, warm people who genuinely care about their patients.

At Summit Dental Center you’ll find a pediatric dentist who’s actually great with kids and explains procedures at eye-level and in age-appropriate language. You’ll meet the oral surgeon who sympathizes with your nervousness about getting three teeth pulled at once. You’ll spend time with the endodontist who’ll explain exactly how a root canal works and why you need it.

5.      Extended Hours

Ever wondered how you’re supposed to see the dentist if their office closes at just about the same time you finally get off work? We get it! Lots of people “reserve” time off at work for the events that can really leave you in a pickle – serious illness, childcare issues, much-needed vacation time, for example. Dentist checkups can usually be found much lower on the list, because there just isn’t enough time to go around.

At Summit Dental Center, we offer Saturday appointments so you can schedule your family’s dental appointments without any interruption to your busy work week.

6.      Flexible Payment Options

Summit Dental Center is your Houston dentist regardless of insurance status or income. We believe quality dental care should be accessible to anyone, whenever they need it.

While we work with most dental PPO insurance plans, we also welcome Medicaid/CHIP patients. If you’re a cash patient, we’ll work with you to keep your cost as low as possible.

If financial considerations prevent you from getting the dental care you need, ask us about our dental financing options. We have financing solutions with affordable monthly payments that fit your budget, and we don’t even perform a credit check! Submit your credit application online today by clicking here.

There are lots of reasons to get excited about Summit Dental Center and make us your Houston dentist for the whole family. Take advantage of our introductory offer for new patients and get an initial exam and x-rays for only $25. Call us today!